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Key publications from the project

Books and journal editions

Kiwan, Nadia and Meinhof, Ulrike H. (2011) Cultural Globalization and Music. African Musicians in Transnational Networks. Palgrave-Macmillan.

Kiwan, Nadia and Meinhof, Ulrike H. (eds.) (2011) Music and Migration: a Transnational Perspective. Special issue. Music andArts in Action 3:3  Comprises articles by Phil Bohlmann, Nina Glick-Schiller & Ulrike H. Meinhof, Nadia Kiwan & Ulrike H. Meinhof, Inken Carstensen-Egwuom , Jenny Fuhr, Marie-Pierre Gibert, Ananya J. Kabir, Jan Sverre Knudson and Alain Mueller.

Articles and book chapters (in order of appearance)

Meinhof, Ulrike H. (2013) ‘Cultural Diversity in Europe: a story of mutual benefit.’ Working Papers. European University Institute, pp. 1-15. ISSN 1028-3625

Meinhof , Ulrike H. (2011) ‘Songs by Dama Mahaleo’. Wasafiri 26:2:176-184

Glick-Schiller, Nina and Ulrike H. Meinhof (2011) Singing a new song? Transnational migration, methodological nationalism and cosmopolitan perspectives. In Music and Migration:3:3:21-38

Kiwan, Nadia and Ulrike H. Meinhof (2011) Music and Migration: A transnational approach. In Kiwan, Nadia and Ulrike H. Meinhof (eds.) (2011). In Music and Migration. 3:3:3-20

Meinhof, Ulrike H., Gibert, Marie-Pierre and Kiwan, Nadia (2010). ‘Transnational musicians’ networks across Africa and Europe’. In K. Knott and D. McLoughlin (eds.) Diasporas: Concepts, Identities, Intersections. Zed publication:249-255.

Gibert, Marie-Pierre and Meinhof, Ulrike H. (2009) ‘Inspiration triangulaire: musique, tourisme et développement à Madagascar’. Numéro spécial des Cahiers d'études africaines : Mise en tourisme de la culture : réseaux,représentations et pratiques. 227-256.

Meinhof, Ulrike H. (2009) ’Transnational flows, networks and “transcultural capital”. Reflections on researching migrant networks through linguistic ethnography’. In Stef Slembrouck, Jim Collins and Mike Baynham (eds.) Globalization and Languages in Contact: Scale, Migration, and Communicative Practices. Continuum. 148-169.

Policy reports

Meinhof, Ulrike H. and Armbruster, Heidi (2008) Cultural Diasporas. , European Parliament Policy Department B, Structural and Cohesion Policies (PE 389.600)

Previous related work by research team


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