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The University of Southampton
Working Papers in the Health Sciences



Welcome to Winter 2015 issue

Issue 1-14 Winter 2015
Issue 1-14 Winter 2015


Who cares about evidence? Roger Watson


Would you recommend nursing as a career to men? David Stanley, Tania Beament, Darren Falconer, Margaret Haigh, Rosemary Saunders, Karen Stanley, Peter Wall 


Learning alongside: Patients’ experiences of a university dental clinic. Claire Campbell, Benjamin Casella, Abijah Justus, Anna McBean, Claire Campbell, Benjamin Casella, Abijah Justus, Anna McBean, Jennifer Chamberlain-Salaun, Jane Mills 


A Leading Nurse in World War One: Dame Maud MCCarthy. Linda Shields, Deborah Magee


Showcased academic posters presented at prestigious conferences.


Grand Designs: a study of student midwives’ use of a ‘Room Planner’ App to create a normal birthing environment.  Clare Maxwell & SteveCorlett


The student nurse’s experience of summative assessment in clinical practice -the findings from a small scale study. Liz Gormley-Fleming 

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