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All Walks & Artsthread Diversity NOW Competition

Published: 10 March 2017
Arts Thread website

Five Year 2 Fashion Design students have been nominated for the internationally renowned All Walks Beyond the Catwalk competition Diversity NOW in association with i-D magazine.

The competition is a perfect link with the Fashion Design Pathway’s vision of a fashion future, which, as the All Walks organisation states, “empowers and emboldens the viewer and the wearer, envisioning impactful, emotionally considerate, commercially relevant practice in all areas of the industry.”

The nominated students all answered the brief by using their design to “step beyond stereotypes, redefine boundaries and celebrate a wider range of beauty and body ideals in age, size, gender, race and physical ability.”

Nominee Becky Chandler offered an insightful summary to students thinking behind their design “The current Fashion industry is over saturated with models who emote a similar look and personality. Magazines process the same kind of person in every page. The lack of diversity is noticeable.” Becky continues “The industry is supposedly about role models and personality, but how can we aspire to be someone we have no common threads with?”

Ning Kang, Becky Chandler and Abigail Skrentny were nominated in the Design category while Holly Baxter and Chiara Bradfield were nominated in the Illustration category.

GOOD LUCK to them all!


(Adapted from a blog post by Caitlin Hinshelwood, first posted at

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Becky Chandler
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Abigail Skrentny
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Chiara Bradfield
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Holly Baxter
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Ning Kang
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