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The University of Southampton
Winchester School of Art

Staff Seminar Series - Adam Procter Seminar

16:00 - 18:00
11 June 2014
MA Common Room, Room Number 3023, Level 3, Eastside Building, WSA

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Dr Victoria Walters at .

Event details

Delightful Design

In this seminar Adam will be sketching out his PhD concept, which will suggest that now is the time for a totally new approach to the virtual learning environment (VLE) and that this should encompass the ethos of Indie Tech (Balkan, 2014):

1. Design-led

2. Free and Open

3. Independent

Adam will propose that there is a vacuum for an experience and design-driven VLE specifically with Design Education in mind. The missing focus is a designer-led engagement that goes beyond the functional but provides a truly “delightful” (Walter, 2011) learning experience.

‘Our lives are a string of experiences. Experiences with people and experiences with things. And we, as designers — as the people who craft experiences — we have a profound responsibility to make every experience as beautiful, as comfortable, as painless, as empowering, and as delightful as possible.’ (Balkan, 2013)

Balkan, A., Indie Technology Manifesto. Available at: [Accessed June 3, 2014].
Walter, A., 2011.
Designing for Emotion.
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Speaker information

Adam Procter,Senior Teaching Fellow, Digital Media and Technical Services Officer

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