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From promoting social justice to developing health and wellbeing, our research makes a positive impact

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Routes to teacher training

Southampton Education School

Find out about the courses we offer to train to be a teacher; Primary, Secondary and Further Education.

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  • 2015/10/08

    Southampton professor becomes BERA’s magazine editor

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  • 2015/10/05

    New app to help people with autism influence technological developments

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  • 2015/10/05

    Internal politicking elevated from taboo topic to management tool

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BSc in Education

Whether your aim is to be a primary school teacher or enter another area of education, our flexible BSc covers a range of education topics

MSc in Education

We are one of the few Russell Group universities to provide an MSc in Education, combining research and practice development

Creating global links

From Sandhurst to Xiamen, our partnerships reach across the globe

Join the debate

Our seminar series offer insight into local, national and international research projects in all phases of education

Our research impact

An insight into the future of school leadership development

Meet our students

Jasmeen Basi

Thumbnail photo of Jasmeen Basi

“I had the fantastic opportunity of going to Kenya to teach in a deprived area. This experience fundamentally changed me as a person in ways I could never have imagined.”

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