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where will your research degree take you?Being successful as a researcher requires you to think carefully and strategically about your skills, objectives and the areas in which you need to develop, including personal/transferable skills which are an increasingly important aspect of research training.

During your research candidature, you will be able to take advantage of a range of training and development opportunities and resources offered both at discipline level and by the Researcher Development & Graduate Centre. These will enable you to: develop both your personal and professional skills: communicate the nature and results of your research to specialist and non-specialist audiences; improve your employability and enhance your career prospects.

To help you manage your development, you will undertake an academic needs analysis at the start of your research programme, with help from your supervisor; and you should continue to reflect on and reassess your development needs regularly throughout your candidature.

Engagement with personal and professional development should also relate to your longer term career aspirations. Pursuing development opportunities can be useful both as a way of thinking through what you want to do long term and as a way of developing and evidencing the skills that you will need to move on.

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