Academic liaison contacts

This is a selected list. For fuller information, please see the list of liaison contacts by subject.

Liaison librarians
Subject area Contact Email Ext No.

Faculty of Business & Law

Linda Newington: Head of Faculty Services


Winchester School of Art Linda Newington 29293
Catherine Polley 27134
Clare Hemmings 27134
Law Joy Caisley 23220
Management Harry Gibbs 28584

Faculty of Engineering & the Environment

Jane Stephenson: Head of Faculty Services


Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering Michael Whitton 22709
Civil Engineering, Environmental Science and Energy Mark Illingworth 28428
Institute of Sound & Vibration Research (Audiology and Acoustics) Isobel Stark 22709
Foundation Year Mark Illingworth 28428
Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Bioengineering Michael Whitton 22709
Ship Science & Maritime Engineering Michael Whitton 22709
E.J. Richards Library Sarah Brooks 22301

Faculty of Health Sciences

Christine Fowler: Head of Faculty Services


Health & Social Care Linda Robertson 24247
Health Sciences Sue Dawson 28412
Health Sciences Vicky Fenerty 28412
Health Sciences Nicola Hunt 28412
Health Sciences Portsmouth Subcampus Library (SMH) Paula Sands 28412/02392 866375

Faculty of Humanities

Christine Fowler: Head of Faculty Services


Archaeology Pam Wake 22372
English Clare Hemmings 27134
Film Studies Clare Hemmings 27134
History Nick Graffy 22372
Music Nick Graffy 22372
Modern Languages Kate Walker 26874
Philosophy Pam Wake 22372

Faculty of Medicine

Ric Paul: Head of Faculty Services


Healthcare Management Mina Shaibatzadeh 71-6548
Medical Research Ric Paul 71-6548
Medicine BM5 Year 3 Ric Paul 71-6548
Medicine BM6, BM4 & BM5 Years 1-2 Linda Robertson 24247
Medicine BM5 Years 4-5 Paula Sands 71-6548
Southampton General Hospital Services Ric Paul 71-6542

Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Jane Stephenson: Head of Faculty Services


Biological Sciences Linda Robertson 24247
Chemistry Isobel Stark 22709
Ocean and Earth Sciences - NOCS Jane Stephenson 26111
Karen Rolfe 26116
Sarah Glaccum 26116

Faculty of Physical & Applied Sciences

Jane Stephenson: Head of Faculty Services


Electronics and Computer Science Fiona Nichols 22791
Optoelectronic Research Centre Barbara Dorward 22791
Physics Barbara Dorward 22791

Faculty of Social & Human Sciences

Wendy White: Head of Faculty Services


Ageing/Gerontology Debra Morris 24249
Anthropology Dorothy Byatt 22791
Applied Social Sciences Dorothy Byatt 22791
Criminology Dorothy Byatt 22791
Economics Michael Whitton 22709
Education Kate Walker 26874
Geography Dorothy Byatt 22791
Mathematical Sciences Michael Whitton 22709
Politics Harry Gibbs 28584
Psychology Debra Morris 24249
Social Statistics Harry Gibbs 28584
Social Work Studies Kate Walker 26874
Sport Academic Liaison Librarians 26874