Access to electronic resources from home

Although many of our resources are restricted to on-campus use, you can access them from home if you connect to the University network using iSolution's VPN service.

Why is access to resources restricted?

Many of the electronic journals and databases that we offer are commercial products. We obtain access only by paying a subscription - this allows members of the University to use the resources, but it means that we cannot allow access to anyone else.

'Campus only' Resources

The most common form of access control is to restrict use to computers located at the University. This is achieved by looking at the computer's IP Address (its unique address on the Internet) and ensuring that this belongs to the University of Southampton.

Quite a few resources allow access off-campus with a Institutional (University) username and password. However some, many of which are online journals need VPN (see below) to be used at home.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Restriction to campus only use can make working from home extremely difficult, therefore iSolutions have a facility, whereby you can connect to the University's network from home via your current ISP (Internet Service Provider) - "Virtual Private Networking".

For details, see the iSolutions page on VPN.

Please note!

Do remember that whilst connected to the University's network - whether on campus, or at home using VPN - you are still bound by the University's regulations concerning acceptable use of computing facilities.

Please take care to follow all the set-up instructions, and read all the associated information - and, if you do have any problems, please report them to the iSolutions Service Line: