Sound art: useful web resources

This page is intended to provide additional information and resources to support the Sound Art Study Collection held at the Winchester School of Art Library.

Clicking on any of the categories below will link you to a list of relevant websites:

Selected sites

Title Description
Consemble A web-based project launched in 2007 in which a collection of sounds are then played using random methods to create an everchanging, online listening experience.
Electronic Music Foundation  Showing how different aspects of electronic music developed through the twentieth century.
The Niuean Pop Cultural Archive Useful resource page about Futurism, including Futurist manifestos and essays on Chromatic Music, Futurist Musicians, and the Art of Noises. 
NODE.London  NODE.London is 'an evolving media arts production and infrastructure-building project' to enable media artists to publicise themselves and their events and connect to other artists in the capital.
Opsound  Website which aggregates links to music released under Creative Commons licenses. Site dedicated to the art of phonography, or field recordings. It acts as a platform through which phonographers can present their work as well as presenting a range of related resources including articles, links and a mailing list.
Resonance FM London's first radio art station to include audio art and sound poetry on their broadcasting schedule.
The Sonic Arts Research Archive An online reference to composers and artists, offering access to a wide cross-section of the UK Sonic Arts Network's collection of compositions and published texts.

Artists' websites

Artist Description
David Dunn Dunn has a long history in the worlds of soundscapes, contemporary composition, and leading edge thinking.
Edwin van der Heide  Website particularly focussing on the artist's touring sound art performances.
EV2  Duo comprised of Craig Vear and Jonathan Eato, crossing the boundaries between jazz and sound art.
Jem Finer Website for the creator of 'Longplayer' and 'Score for a Hole in the Ground'.
Marc Behrens Informative website featuring a comprehensive list of Behrens' past installations and albums.
Peter Bosch and Simone Simons Includes film of their various sound art sculptures and installations.
Peter Terezakis Website of American computer artist Peter Terezakis, who works with interactive digital media, internet, sound, installation and performance.
Sebastiane Hegarty  Winchester-based artist whose sound work - field recordings and composition pieces - can be accessed from this site.
Ultra-red In the world of modern electronic music and sound art, Ultra-red distinguish themselves for their intrepid blend of political commitment and innovative sound.
Uriel Orlow A London-based artist who works with video, installation, text and sound.

Journals and journal articles

Journal Description
Guardian Unlimited Article from the Guardian: Steven Poole loses himself in the world of the sound artist.
Guardian Unlimited Scientists wishing to explore sound must first find complete silence, in a noise pollution-free anechoic chamber. Article about the anechoic chamber at University College London.
LA Weekly 2002 article on several high profile art events, including the Whitney Biennial and All Tomorrow's Parties, which are helping to raise popular awareness of contemporary sound artists.
Leonardo Article which outlines the themes of poetic and historic correspondences between music, cosmology and the body which informed the making of 'Astro Black Morphologies / Astro Dub Morphologies', a multimedia installation and live sound art performance by Flow Motion.
Soundsite The online journal of sound theory, philosophy of sound and sound art.
Tate Etc  David Toop tackles some of the big questions surrounding sound art; when does sound become sound art?  And what is the difference between sound art and art with sound?  He also takes a look at several key pieces such as Luigi Russolo's noise machines and John Cage's compositions to Mark Leckey and Christian Marclay's sound inspired installations.

Past exhibitions

Exhibition Description
Bruce Nauman: Raw Materials  Accompanies an exhibition held at Tate Modern from 12th October 2004 until 28 March 2005, featuring 22 existing spoken texts by Nauman.
Katie Paterson  Times report on Katie Paterson's installation 'Vatnajokull (Sound of)' which was exhibited at Modern Art Oxford in 2008.
Terry Fox Webpage within the Ronald Feldman Gallery site providing images and press releases from Terry Fox's installations and exhibitions at the gallery, as well as a biography of the artist.

Sound art festivals

Festival Description
New Adventures in Sound Art Sound art festival, which is held in Toronto annually.
Overgaden sound art festival Website for the Overgaden sound art festival which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2004 (in English).
Visions of Excess The annual Visions of Excess festival organised by US performance artists Ron Athey and Vaginal Davis.

Sound art projects

Project Description
Activated Space Artist David Cunningham's project Activated Space, which uses feedback loops to amplify the sound within architectural spaces.
Longplayer Jem Finer's project sees the playing of a thousand-year musical composition continuously and without repetition from 1 January 2000 until 31 December 2999.
New Media Art Project Network Project of Agricola de Cologne, which features both his own work and that of other artists for whom he acts as curator.
Reverberant  Sound art projects curated by Iain Mott which are designed to direct the participant through a series of sensory explorations.
Resoundings Org Website created by Bill Fontana to provide information about his work in sound sculpture for public spaces and museums, and his experimental ideas for acoustic design in the built environment.
Sine Wave Orchestra (SWO) A 'participatory sound performance project' where members of the public may contribute their own sine wave sounds.
Singing Bridges Jodi Rose travels the world 'playing' bridges and recording the sounds they make.
Sound of the Field 'The Sound of the Field' features sounds sent by Field Study members (and invited participants). The brief was an open one - participants were asked to 'send something that's an aural snapshot from your life'. Twenty eight people - ranging from composers to non-musicians - responded to this project, leading to the assembly of sixty sounds in total.
Tate Tracks  Music inspired by works in the Tate Gallery. Features audio clips of the past month's track.
Vidauxs A project, a space, a network, an independent netlabel which aims to research, promote and distribute experimental audio and video productions.