Law electronic journals

Many, but not all, law journals are available online. To check if we subscribe to an e-journal first use TDNet but please also be aware that not all law e-journals are listed there. In particular, journals which are part of Lexis Library or Westlaw may not be included. These will usually be titles from non-UK publishers.

A-Z List of all e-journals (via TDNet)

From here you can access all the e-journals we subscribe to (excluding some from Westlaw and Lexis). Search by the title of the journal, note the dates covered, and look out for any additional information (see the information symbol) as this may alert you to any temporary access problems. To find out about e-resources in general, including password and off-campus access advice, see our Resources page 


[Login to WebCat]

Searching the WebCat by periodical title will show if there is a print and/or electronic version available. University of Southampton members need to login using their username and password to gain access to the e-journals via this route.

Not all Westlaw and Lexis titles appear on WebCat (see above)


[On-Campus access, no password required] [Off-Campus access, Institutional login required]

Currently hosting approximately 1,600 journals, Hein provides exact page images enabling you to view all pages as they originally appeared in hardcopy - including all charts, graphs and photographs. Hein is unusual in that it provides comprehensive coverage from the inception of each publication and covers materials seldom available in electronic form, e.g. some yearbooks.


[On-Campus access, no password required] [Off-Campus access Institutional login required]

Westlaw offers an extensive range of full-text journals, and other legal sources from around the world. Some of the titles covered by Westlaw are not currently listed on either TDNet or WebCat. There are many ways to access the full-text journals on Westlaw. UK titles are relatively easy to find, but for the non-UK materials follow the link to ‘Services’ then to Westlaw International.

Lexis Library

[On-campus access, no password required] [Off-campus access, Institutional login required]

This is a major legal resource. It contains cases (both reported and unreported), legislation, journals and Halsbury's Laws. Lexis also has some journals, including a range of UK titles not available to us via any other online service.

Tip: To find the UK-published journals, select the ‘journals’ tab. You can then either search across all the content, or ‘Browse’ (to left of screen) in order to search individual titles and/or browse contents lists.


i-Law (password required on and off campus).

This contains some commerical law journals which are not readily available elsewhere.

i-Law content - follow this link for a complete list of what can be accessed through i-Law.

As with all our subscriptions we have signed a legal agreement, which as members of the University you must comply with.  Please read and comply with the terms as this is very important, both for you as individuals and for all of your fellow students and researchers.

i-Law Terms and Conditions 

As each user logs in with their own e-mail address this allows for additional services.  Everybody can set up their own search and publication alerts, save items to their personal folders within and see their Research Trail.