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The Centre for Narrative Studies was set up in June 2003 as a means of promoting interdisciplinary research and exchanging research ideas and experiences across the university's disciplines. Narrative is broadly defined, and includes considering narrative as a research instrument, narrative as a way of explaining our research results, narrative as a medium of knowledge transfer, and narratives as artefacts.

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Group Overview

Membership of the Centre is open to all those with an interest or experience of using narrative approaches, together with those who feel that such approaches might offer some promise for forthcoming work.

Recent meetings have included presentations of 'case studies', in which researchers have explained why and how they have used narrative approaches, theoretical issues about the nature of narrative in different disciplines, and ethical considerations in the use of narrative as a research approach.

 More recently, the Centre has promoted, through the ESRC's National Centre for Research Methods, workshops which have explored different facets of narrative approaches through storytelling in organisations, both as an object of research and as a method for its conduct.

The Centre hosted the UK Organizational Storytelling Annual One-Day Workshop, in December 2004. The Organisational Storytelling group is an informal network of academic and practice-based researchers interested in the ways in which storytelling is used in organisational settings. Details of their activities can be found at Please contact Professor Con Connell if you would like to know more about this group's activity, or would be interested in joining the group at future meetings.

The Centre took the lead in bidding successfully for an ESRC Research Seminar Series in 2006/7. In May 2006 the Centre hosted a doctoral workshop, intended for first and second year students from the UK, as part of the ESRC series.

Under the auspices of the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods, the CNS arranged a short narrative workshop series, in May and June 2006, open to researchers from any discipline.

In 2007, the Centre hosted a visit by Professor David Boje, Bank of America Endowed Professor of Management at New Mexico State University, and one of the world’s leading scholars on narrative. As well as leading a research seminar, David spent time sharing ideas with a group of the doctoral students

For further information about the Centre for Narrative Studies please contact the CNS Director, Professor Con Connell.  Tel + 44 (0) 23 8059 2185: email


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