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Going abroad to work or study

Studying abroad is a fantastic way to broaden your cultural horizons, take on new challenges, and add international experience to your CV. If you plan to work overseas after you graduate, an exchange is the perfect time to enhance your language skills and build your global network.

You can choose from a wide range of exchange programmes at our high-ranking partner institutions around the world. These include unique opportunities in:

You do not need to speak another language to study abroad. Many of our partner universities teach in English or are based in English-speaking countries. You can also take additional language classes alongside your studies.

Exchange programmes

The exchanges you can apply for will depend on the course you are studying. Explore exchange partnerships for your discipline and check with your tutor to find out your options.

Summer schools

Summer schools give you the chance to complete a shorter period of study abroad, normally 4 weeks over the summer vacation. You may not need to pay the full additional fees to attend.

Work placements abroad

You can go abroad to explore an industry related to your degree, or try something completely different, through our Year in Employment programme.


If you spend time working or studying abroad, your tuition fees for that year will depend on your placement and how long it lasts.

Semester exchange or work placement

You'll pay your normal tuition fees if you're working or studying abroad for 1 semester or less.

Full year exchange

The tuition fees you'll pay for a full year exchange depend on whether you're a UK or International student.

UK students pay 15% of their fees on a full academic year exchange.

International/ EU students pay 50% of their fees, or 40% if studying a humanities course, on a full academic year exchange.

Full-year work placement

The tuition fees you'll pay to spend a year working abroad depend on:

UK/EU students pay 20% of their fees for their work placement year, or 15% if studying a humanities course.

International students pay 20% of their fees.


You might be eligible for financial support to spend time working or studying abroad. This could be from student loan companies or the University.

Student loans

UK/EU students can apply for a tuition fee loan and other support from the UK government.

The Global Mobility Award

You might be eligible for the Global Mobility Award if you're working or studying outside Europe. If you're selected, you'll get at least £500 towards your exchange. In return, we'll ask you to blog about your experience and help with promotional activities.

We'll invite you to apply if you're eligible.

Erasmus+ grant

For the latest information on the Erasmus+ programme, please see our Brexit statement.


Discover scholarships that are available to you if you're going abroad to work or study.

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