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Marketing at the University of Southampton is underpinned by cutting-edge research and teaching driven by our ‘new Marketing DNA’. This new model of marketing has been developed to characterise what we stand for; the enabling and ubiquitous role of technology in marketing.

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Group Overview

Catching the technology wave

Catching the technology wave

The Marketing Group at Southampton brings together a range of academics with different marketing expertise. Together, we work under a common framework, our ‘new Marketing DNA’ (Please see our article published in the Journal of Marketing Education, available on the right).

New Marketing DNA

New Marketing DNA

New Marketing DNA

This model recognises the importance of new technologies as key enablers of marketing, from front-office marketing communications, value creation, and back-office marketing analytics. The research interests of each of us in the group lie in these areas and together help further marketing theory and practice. Please see our publications and research projects pages for individual papers and projects.

We have a modern curriculum, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, that is driven by our research and our connections with key industry partners such as the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising. Please check our degree offerings out through the links on the right hand side. We tend not to research or teach ‘traditional’ marketing approaches, such as the 4Ps for example, that just aren’t very relevant in practice. This is a key point; we like our research to impact on marketing practice and have the connections to make this happen.

We are proud to be hosting the Academy of Marketing Conference in 2012. Our theme is ‘Marketing – catching the technology wave’.

We are a dynamic and growing group and are always keen for new members, be that staff, PhD students or research collaborations that can contribute to our ‘new Marketing DNA’.

PhD projects

Ms. Ring Xu is a key part of our team and is investigating social media marketing for her PhD in marketing. We would love to hear from more enthusiastic potential PhD students to contribute to our group. As a team, we place a strong emphasis on integrating our MSc and PhD students into the Marketing Research Group. We view the PhD process as a stepping-stone in an academic career, and welcome keen interest from applicants that is capable of being channelled into any of the areas in the new ‘DNA of Marketing ’. We look for the following characteristics in prospective PhD students:
• An ability to critically analyse current marketing theory;
• An ability to link marketing theory and practice;
• An ability to play a pro-active role in our research team;
• Commitment and self-motivation;
• Excellent time management and communication skills.

Ultimately, we want people with an ability to contribute not to traditional marketing theory, but to the new ‘DNA of Marketing ’. If you would like to join our team, please look at our individual profiles and contact which one of us best matches your own research interests. Your application should emphasise how your work will fit with and build upon the research we are carrying out here at Southampton.

Specific broad topics that we would be interested in you investigating are:
• Social media marketing
• Web analytics
• Social CRM
• Data mining
• Consumer behaviour in new digital environments
• SME digital marketing
• Marketing metrics
• Customer experience management
• The notion of value in marketing
• ….and please feel free to proposed your own questions having looked at our DNA model!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Our Research Projects:

Scoping, conceptualising and measuring Social CRM, Dr Paul Harrigan and Dr Musfiq Choudhury

Communication Consistency in Consumer Word-of-Mouth, Dr Luke Greenacre

Referral Marketing and Peer Activation - Does type of referral affect who I ask?, Dr Luke Greenacre

Variance effects in Choice vs Rejection - the relationship between utility and error variance, Dr Luke Greenacre

Customer Experience Management in Higher Education Institutions, Mr James Seligman

Impact of source characteristics on positive and negative email referrals, Professor Nina Reynolds

Decision making complexity and consumers technology adoption, Professor Nina Reynolds

Improving the accuracy of measurement through individually designed response options, Professor Nina Reynolds


Re-shaping International Marketing Education through the New DNA of Marketing, Dr Paul Harrigan


Punch above your weight, Dr Lisa Harris

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We are hosting the 2012 conference

Watch this website for further information

We are hosting the 2012 conference

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