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Research Group: Organisational Behaviour/ Human Resource Research Group

OB/HR research is organised and coordinated through a newly focused research grouping within the school called the Organizational Transformation Research Group that provides a focus for research active staff in the area to work within a closer collaborative research agenda.

Currently Active: Yes

Group Overview

The research group organizes itself around the themes of work organization, organizational change, leadership, teams, collaborative learning, workplace and organizational learning, performance management and corporate social responsibility. A key aim of this grouping is to bring an interdisciplinary focus to these key themes and provide a framework for coordinating and collaborating in research within these thematic areas.

The Group is drawn from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds - psychology (Malcolm Higgs, Nicholas Clarke, Michelle Luke and Melanie Ashleigh), economics (Tahir Nisar and Guy Vernon), Corporate Social Responsibility (Dima Jamali) and HR Management (Malcolm Higgs and Nicholas Clarke).

The Group has three main functions. First, to stimulate research amongst group members, both as individual researchers and as a group. For example, several researchers are working on issues relating to trust in organisations, between individuals, between groups and in the organisation itself. Second, to provide means of support in ensuring we maintain awareness of the latest management theoretical and empirical research by regular seminars. Third, to foster a research environment in which young researchers, including PhD students, can develop their professional knowledge and skills.

Members of the group have included details of their research interests and publications on their individual staff web sites. The Group is particularly strong in research on Leadership and change (Higgs; Jamali), teams (Clarke, Ashleigh), social psychology (Ashleigh, Luke), human resource management (Clarke, Vernon, Nisar), Emotional Intelligence (Higgs, Clarke), and Corporate Social Responsibility (Jamali). The Group is interested in developing further an international comparative approach to organisation and management and the leadership of complex change.

The Group currently has 10 PhD students. Topics being studied are diverse and include: Management of Change in Business Organisations: Theory, Practice and Implications for Management Practices; Impact of IT on Organisational Behaviour; Organization Design, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Group has close links with other research groups in the School, especially the Knowledge Management and Information Systems, and Accounting, Accountability and Corporate Governance groups.

We welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students. Members of the group are always happy to discuss possible areas of research with prospective students. Further information can also be obtained from the School.


Members of staff associated with this group: