Flexible study (part-time study)

As a part-time student you will have access to the same facilities and training programmes as your full-time counterparts and you are subject to similar regulations and monitoring procedures. However, account is taken of the longer time span that your research studies might cover.

You will usually be employed, often by the University or the NHS, which might affect the time that you can devote to your studies.

You may encounter a lack of understanding on the part of your employer about the implications of the training commitment, you may therefore wish to confirm with your employer the potential impact on workload prior to undertaking the research.  You are able to apply for your research project candidature to be suspended if you are unable to work on your project due to your work committments, you may also be able to negotiate a sabbatical from your workplace to allow you to complete your studies.

Working in the lab

Working in the lab

Key facts

We work closely with Southampton University Hospitals Trust, a partnership that has recently won two new biomedical research units funded by the Government's National Institute for Health to undertake translational clinical research in the priority areas of respiratory disease and nutrition.