Modern Languages

What our students think

Gabriela Adela

Photo of Gabriela Adela
“The life of a research PhD student is very independent, you have to be organised and disciplined since, ultimately, it is yourself who dictates the pace of the investigation.”
Course: PhD Applied Linguistics (Computer Assisted Languages Learning)

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Ian Clark

Photo of Ian Clark
“All the staff are really helpful and friendly, and are experts in their fields. Modern Languages focuses on seminar teaching where your input is welcomed and encouraged.”
Course: BA French and German (Linguistic and Language Studies)

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Andreas Day

Photo of Andreas Day
“What I enjoy most about my degree programme is the flexibility and choice on offer. The majority of modules on offer are optional and this freedom of choice means you can study the areas you want to.”
Course: BA French (Linguistic Studies)

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Doris Dippold

Photo of Doris Dippold
“Linguistics is extremely interesting and a wide subject, offering a wide array of areas to explore. A thoroughly worthwhile endeavour, and one that, if you also use all the opportunities open to you to develop your transferable skills, offers good chances to find employment both within and outside of academia.”
Course: MPhil/PhD Applied Linguistics

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Ella Dove

Photo of Ella Dove
“The staff are extremely approachable, always willing to give up their time and organise extra one-to-one sessions with us if we need help. I think Southampton is unique in terms of student-staff rapport, I have not encountered another university with such a level of friendliness and support.”
Course: BA English and French

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Francesca Gerard

Photo of Francesca Gerard
“For me there are three factors which have contributed to a successful and enjoyable first year at university. These are the flexibility of the course, the great staff and the variety within the degree program. ”
Course: BA French with ab initio Spanish

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Alice Greenfield

Photo of Alice Greenfield
“Humanities subjects are fascinating because they are so varied, and this variation means that you develop such a wide range of skills, which make you particularly desirable in the working world.”
Course: BA German Linguistics

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Alexandra Heaton

Photo of Alexandra Heaton
“When I first arrived, I had no idea what to expect. I was so happy to find myself in small seminar groups with very friendly teachers.”
Course: BA Film and French

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Ellena Heywood

Photo of Ellena Heywood
“The academic staff are more like friends to us now. They have always been easily approachable and willing to help out. In particular, staff in French are so enthusiastic that lessons are never boring or uneventful!”
Course: BA Contemporary Europe with French and Spanish

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Hannah Jones

Photo of Hannah Jones
“So far I have enjoyed everything about the last four months. From the subjects I study to my accommodation.”
Course: BA French and Spanish

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Monika Komar

Photo of Monika Komar
“My degree programme has opened plenty of fantastic opportunities I never thought of before. Gaining linguistics abilities, a trip to Mexico, taking up Italian, writing for the students' magazine, meeting amazing people from varied backgrounds... I even tried ballet! It's been a priceless experience.”
Course: BA Modern Languages

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Amel Lamarah

Photo of Amel Lamarah
“I think what I enjoyed the most in Southampton University was the diverse student body. Whatever your background, you will find like-minded people in Southampton.”
Course: BA Politics, Spanish and Latin American Studies

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Alma Rodriguez-Tsuda

Photo of Alma Rodriguez-Tsuda
“I’m definitely enjoying the work and appreciate all the support I get from the staff here, it’s very motivating.”
Course: PhD Linguistics

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Oliver Spicer

Photo of Oliver Spicer
“… the first year was made all the more easier by the fact that the 'open-door policy' of teacher support was always there when needed. With the facilities and learning resources being as good as they are, it made studying an experience that I very much enjoyed.”
Course: BA Spanish and Portuguese

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Beth Thomas

Photo of Beth Thomas
“After just nine months at Southampton it already feels like home, and I feel very grateful that I have found friends who I can really identify with and can imagine staying in contact with for a very long time.”
Course: BA French and German

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David Tully

Photo of David Tully
“I love my degree programme! The thing I like most about it is the range of different texts which I get to read – no two modules so far have been the same and it’s not always material that I would have read for myself which makes it very interesting.”
Course: BA English and French

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Michelle Turner

Photo of Michelle Turner
“Studying at Southampton has been really enjoyable, challenging and thought provoking. The lecturers are friendly and helpful, going far beyond their duties to ensure relatively problem-free study.”
Course: BA German and Spanish

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Ruth Walker

Photo of Ruth Walker
“I love that we get to take a year out, and I am lucky enough to be doing a paid internship in Paris next year! The teaching is brilliant too, and tutors are always on hand and supportive and give a lot of time to you. ”
Course: BA French (Linguistic Studies)

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Mike Witcombe

Photo of Mike Witcombe
“If you want to work in a small but diverse faculty alongside people conducting innovative research, there are few places that can rival Southampton.”
Course: PhD Modern Languages

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Xia Yu

Photo of Xia Yu
“Southampton is very highly regarded and respected for modern languages and the staff are among the best.”
Course: PhD Modern Languages

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Natalia Zdulska

Photo of Natalia Zdulska
“My course is very interesting and challenging. All the lecturers are very helpful and friendly.”
Course: BA French and Politics

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