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Our triple helix approach

Our highly-ranked education, research and knowledge exchange and enterprise activities are already intertwined. Our triple helix approach aims to strengthen these links to achieve greater impact and accelerate new ways to tackle the world’s most complex problems.

This scaling up is a challenging goal we commit to achieve; its reach and ambition sets us apart. Both our goals and how we achieve them matter to us. This is why we have values to guide us and key performance indicators to monitor our success.

Our strategy explains what we as a community want to achieve and why a whole institution, collaborative approach will make the biggest impact. How we will implement our plans and goals is explained in our strategic plans that support our strategy.

Future major investments will need to support people to develop collaborative and creative partnerships, and strengthen the triple helix and its impact.

The triple helix approach speaks to my everyday experience at the University. I educate the next generation of medical doctors and research scientists; explore a dynamic area of clinically impactful cutting-edge discovery science, and engage industrial partners to facilitate and accelerate the translation of our work for patient benefit.
Dr Stephen Beers
Professor of Immunology and Immunotherapy at the Centre for Cancer Immunology