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BA York, MLitt Oxford

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The University of Southampton
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Ray Monk took up his position in Southampton in 1992. He has published award-winning biographies of Wittgenstein and Russell.


The University of Southampton's electronic library (e-prints)


Monk, Raymond (2012) The temptations of phenomenology Wittgenstein, the synthetic a priori and the ‘analytic a posteriori’. British Journal for the History of Philosophy (In Press).
Monk, Ray (2011) Definitions, characterisations…“and similar things”: Hans-Johann Glock on analytic philosophy. Teorema: International Journal of Philosophy, 30, (1)
Monk, Ray (2010) Був Расселл Аналітичні Філософ? Filosofs'ka Dumka, 2, 130-144.
Monk, R. (2009) Biography and theory reconsidered: second Wittgensteinian thoughts. New Formations, 67, Summer Issue, 134-143. (doi:10.3898/newf.67.12.2009).


Monk, Ray (2012) Robert Oppenheimer: inside the Centre, London, GB, Jonathan Cape, 704pp.
Monk, R. (2005) How to read Wittgenstein, London, UK, Granta Books, 128pp.

Book Section

Monk, Raymond (2011) Amerika: du hast es besser: Oppenheimer’s German Jewish background. In, J.Robert Oppenheimer: a Biography. , . (Submitted).
Monk, Ray (2010) Getting inside Heisenberg's head. In, Hagberg, Garry L. and Jost, Walter (eds.) A Companion to the Philosophy of Literature. Chichester, GB, Wiley, 453-464. (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy ).
Monk, Ray (2007) Bourgeois, Bolshevist or Anarchist? The reception of Wittgenstein's philosophy of mathematics. In, Kahane, Guy, Kanterian, Edward and Kuusela, Oskari (eds.) Wittgenstein and His Interpreters: Essays in Memory of Gordon Baker. Oxford, GB, Blackwell, 269-294.
Monk, Ray (2006) Getting inside Heisenberg’s head. In, Macfie, Alexander Lyon (ed.) The Philosophy of History: Talks Given at the Institute of Historical Research, London, 2000-2006. Basingstoke, GB, Palgrave Macmillan, 237-252.
Monk, Ray (2004) Objectivity, postmodernism and biographical understanding. In, Archer, Margaret and Outhwaite, William (eds.) Defending Objectivity: Essays In Honour of Andrew Collier. London, GB, Routledge, 33-47.
Monk, Ray (2001) Philosophical biography: the very idea. In, Klagge, James.C. (ed.) Wittgenstein: Biography and Philosophy. Cambridge, GB, Cambridge University Press, 3-15. (doi:10.2277/0521008689).


Research Interests

Research interests include: the history of analytic philosophy, the philosophy of mathematics, and philosophical issues arising from the practice of biography.

Ray Monk on BBC Radio 4's In Our Time discussing Wittgenstein. Listen
Ray Monk speaks at the University of Bergen on Life without Theory. Listen

Primary research group:  Wittgenstein and Early Analytic Philosophy

Affiliate research group:  Philosophy of Language, Logic and Metaphysics

Research project

AHRC Research Network 'Challenges to Biography'


Professor Ray Monk
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