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A placement overseas can help boosting your career opportunities and will allow you to experience a different educational, social, and cultural life. Read other University of Southampton students' experiences to get an insight into what studying or working overseas is really like.


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Study abroad and exchange blog

If you are interested in studying or working abroad as part of your course our blogsite is the best place to start.

Discover once in a lifetime experiences told by University of Southampton students.

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Erasmus+ exchange

Jasmine is a Nursing student and she has studied abroad for a semester at VIA University College, Denmark, as part of the Erasmus+ Programme.

International exchange

Joanna has studied abroad for a year at the University of Hong Kong as part of her History course.

"Hong Kong enlightened my life in so many ways, and opened up employment opportunities and desires to work abroad in the future, gave me sofas to crash on across the world, gave me self-sufficiency and independence, time, work and money management, language skills, opportunities to see so many beautiful countries across Asia but most of all, a longing to go back to Hong Kong – my reason to be nocturnal, the city of my dreams, my home, my happy place, my urban jungle."
Joanna in Hong Kong.
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Summer schools testimonials

Regina, Meng Civil Engineering student, summer school at KAIST, South Korea
“I came to South Korea with low expectations; I left it with plenty of knowledge, a good insight of South Korea’s culture and so many new friends." Regina, Meng Civil Engineering student, summer school at KAIST, South Korea.
Nabila, Medicine student, summer programme at Washington University St Louis, USA
''This was a once in a lifetime chance to see how other countries approach key issues and begin to form ideas on effective leadership'' Nabila, Medicine student, summer programme at Washington University St Louis, USA.
Shivank, ECS student, summer school at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
''At a Summer School it’s easier to interact with everyone since everyone is new to the country, it’s incredibly easy to get along and make a number of friends from across the world.''Shivank, ECS student, summer school at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
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Instagram testimonials

Follow our students' instagram takeovers and gain an insight on what is it like to live, study or work abroad.

Hoi, this is my bike and I!
If you couldn't guess by the canal and the bike, I'm in the Netherlands!
I'm a second year geography student on exchange at the University of Utrecht. I've been here since the start of February (semester 2), and have been having a blast since I arrived. 
Over the course of this week I will be posting a few pictures of my time here in the Netherlands so far, as well as taking any questions/concerns that any students considering going on exchange may have.
Dank u wel, Todd.

#erasmus #utrecht #geography #studyabroad #europe #netherlands #exchange
Cyprus has several festivals throughout the year celebrating various aspects of its culture from food to wine to the arts! In February I had the opportunity to go to Limassol Carnival which we did in fancy dress! At the carnival there were many floats with moving cartoons and people dancing choreographed routines! #yearabroad #carnival #mediterranean #fancydress #cyprus #limassol #europe #festival #esn
If you decide to study in Europe the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) will be there to help and support you during your year! In Cyprus, they are known as the International Student's Club as they cater not only to European students but those from other continents as well! They run various trips throughout the year from Brunches to 3-Day trips and even language tandems. Going to these events is good for meeting new people who are also in the same lifeboat as you as well as exploring the country that you will be living in #esn #erasmus #cyprus #studentorganisation #mediterranean #europe #university #yearabroad #erasmusstudentnetwork #erasmuslife #studyabroad #studyineurope #studentlife
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