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Undergraduate tuition fees

Find out about tuition fees for undergraduate courses starting in 2015. Our high student to staff ratio and our emphasis on developing skills for your future career mean you will be getting excellent value.

UK and EU undergraduate tuition fees for 2015/16 entry

The standard annual fee for UK/EU students starting full-time undergraduate degrees in 2015/16 is £9,000.

The £9,000 fee applies to all courses including:

  • our foundation year courses
  • all years of study on Bachelor of Medicine courses
  • our four-year integrated masters courses

Your tuition fees will cover compulsory course costs, such as field trips and laboratory clothing.* On some courses, there may be additional charges associated with activities such as field trips or placements, or for required or recommended equipment. Details of any additional costs will be available from the relevant department and in your course module information. 

International undergraduate tuition fees for 2015/16 entry

All programmes (including foundation year) in Health Sciences £15,936 per year
All programmes (including foundation year) in Arts, Humanities, Law, Social Sciences and mathematics (except Geography and Psychology) £14,660 per year
All programmes in Engineering, Science, Medicine (years one and two), Geography and Psychology £18,010 per year
Medicine (years three, four and five)  £38,315 per year
Foundation year in Engineering and Sciences £15,250 per year

Do these fees apply to me?

The tuition fees on this page apply to students from the UK and European Union (EU). If you live outside of these areas, you will be charged international tuition fees. More information is available about international student finances.

Not sure which fees you should be paying?

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For some health sciences and medicine courses, tuition fees are paid by the NHS. Find out more about NHS-funded courses.

How will I pay the fees? 

Student tuition fees may seem daunting, but remember you will not have to pay your fees up front. If you live in England, you can get a loan to cover your tuition fees. You will only start repaying this once you are earning over £21,000 per year. You can also take out a loan to cover your living costs.

If you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, you will receive financial support from the Scottish Government, the Welsh Assembly Government or the Northern Ireland Executive. If you live in the EU and meet certain eligibility criteria, you can get a loan to cover the cost of your tuition fees.

If you are funding your own studies or if you are an international student, you will need to pay your fees in advance. Find out how and when to pay your fees.

Find out more about student loans

What financial support does the University offer?

To make sure that the opportunities we offer are available to the most talented students from all backgrounds, we offer a generous financial support package.

Find out more about financial support from the University

* A contribution may be necessary towards certain elements – please check with the relevant academic department for details.