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The University of Southampton
Advanced Composite Materials Facility

Mr Mabkhoot Alsaiari MSc

PhD Student

Mr Mabkhoot Alsaiari's photo

Mr Alsairari is a PhD student in the Advanced Composite Materials Facility in Chemistry, University of Southampton.

Mabkhoot graduated with a BSc in Chemistry from the King Saud University in 2008, then graduated with an MSc in Electrocatalysis from the University of Southampton in 2011. His Masters research project focussed on identifying a cathode material that was suitable for removing nitrate form ground water.

Mabkhoot’s PhD research uses high-throughput screening methodologies in the discovery of new materials and composite structures for resistive memory applications. Understanding the effect of material composition, structure and morphology in composite ReRAM devices is essential for a more complete mechanistic insight, and the optimisation of devices for next generation memory and logic applications. The combinatorial synthesis of thin film materials using evaporative techniques provides an ideal tool for the control of composition, structure and morphology of complex materials such as oxides. This allows the systematic high throughput screening of the intrinsic properties of the materials, as well as the high throughput optimisation of composite thin films that mimic memory device structures.



Research interests

- Developing novel thin film for resistive switching memory

- Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) methods (Electron Beam Evaporation)

- Thin film characterisation using (XRD, SEM,EDS)

- Conductive atomic force microscopy (C-AFM)

- Electrical measurement and testing of thin film



Mr Mabkhoot Alsaiari
Department of Chemistry
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ
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