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The University of Southampton
Advanced Composite Materials Facility


The ACMF has a clean room environment with environmental control, dedicated cooling and electrical services that has been designed for the integration of ultra high vacuum PVD tools for combinatorial discovery and manufacture, and dedicated high throughput characterisation and measurement equipment.

Registered collaborators can access the facility booking system directly.

Manufacturing Cluster Tool
Manufacturing Cluster Tool

Laboratory and Synthesis of Materials

Booking System: Registered Users can access our equipment

Combinatorial Synthesis Tool

Manufacturing Cluster Tool




Combinatorial Synthesis Tool
Combinatorial Synthesis Tool

Structural and Compositional Characteristics

X-ray Diffraction

Laser Ablation ICP Mass Spectroscopy


Raman Spectroscopy

Low Temperature STM



Substrate Prepared for High Throughput Functional Screening
Substrate prepared for high throughput functional screening

Functional Screening

Electrical Probe Station

Conductive Force Microscopy (CFM)

High Throughput Electrochemistry

XPS-Structural and Compositional Characteristics

Imaging Thermography


Spectroscopic Ellipsometry



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