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The University of Southampton

Applied solutions

From solving a problem via a programme of research, or accessing new skills to enable you to embrace a new opportunity or develop new products, we offer a variety of mechanisms in which to engage. Wherever possible, we will also maximise the use of any grant funding that may be available to minimise the cost to your company.

Applying knowledge and expertise
Applying knowledge and expertise

Supporting your Research & Development

Being a leading research University, there are many ways in which we can help support research & development in your business.  From commercial access to world-leading knowledge & facilities, through collaborative research, to sponsoring a PhD, we can help you develop the products and services to keep you at the leading edge in the global market place.

Tax Credits

Businesses across all sectors that qualify as a company undertaking R&D within the UK can access the biggest single funding tax incentive provided by the Government - the R&D tax credits

Accessing New Knowledge and Expertise

Whether it's recruiting our graduates, engaging our Academic & Engineering staff as consultants, or transferring new knowledge into your organisation via a grant funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership, we have the leading knowledge required to allow you to embrace the opportunities, or resolve the problems affecting your company.

Staff Development

The University of Southampton is at the leading edge of new ideas and forward-thinking research. By sharing the latest knowledge, ideas and techniques, we can help you to develop your people's skills, strengths and thinking.

If you believe that the quality of your people profoundly affects your business performance, and if you want practical ideas to take your business forward, the University's professional development opportunities can help. We will connect you with specialists in your field who will help you develop your people and prepare your business for the future.

World-class facilities

We have excellent relationships with business and industry in the UK and throughout the world. We provide support through leading-edge research projects, consultancy, commercialisation of research, knowledge transfer and the use of our state-of-the-art facilities.

Accessing knowledge and expertise

Our Knowledge Transfer Partnerships programme facilitates innovative partnerships between business and an academic institution, through the expertise of a recently qualified graduate.

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