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Research Group: Wolfson Unit MTIA

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Since its inception in 1967 the Wolfson Unit for Marine Technology and Industrial Aerodynamics, which is part of the School of Engineering Sciences at the University of Southampton, has been closely allied to both the Aeronautics/Astronautics and the Ship Science research groups. The Unit acts for these departments undertaking commercial consultancy and testing in industrial aerodynamics, i.e. that which is not directly aeronautical in nature.

Experimental Measurements

Many different techniques are used to obtain the experimental results desired. These include:

Measurement of forces and moments using various well proven balances and dynamometers.
Measurement of motions and vibrations using strain gauges and accelerometers.
Measurements of air velocity and pressure using hot wire probes, pressure gauges, vane anemometers and laser anemometry (PIV and LDA)
Flow visualization using smoke, oil films and wool tufts.
Gas dispersion and ventilation studies.
Measurements in smooth or turbulent flow.
On-site measurements of pressure, velocity and temperature.

Wolfson Unit

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