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New challenges at Southampton

Published: 5 August 2009
Marine archaeology

Two young academics are joining Archaeology at Southampton after winning Leverhulme fellowships to promote early career research.

Dr Helen Farr is returning to Southampton after studying an MA in Maritime Archaeology under Dr Jon Adams.

‘I’m looking forward to continuing my research in prehistoric submerged landscapes in the Solent region,’ she said.

Dr Farr took her first degree (MA Archaeology and Anthropology) and PhD at Cambridge. Her research interests up to now have centred around prehistoric seafaring, in particular the obsidian trade in southern Italy, and ancient boat technology. Post-doctoral work involved the study of prehistoric submerged landscapes in southern Italy.

Dr Andrew Shaw will be working on links between Neanderthals and early humans in the Middle East, more specifically in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. He has already carried out fieldwork in Syria for eight years.

‘It is an interesting region to study because both Neanderthals and early humans were present in the same area at roughly the same time.’

Dr Shaw is currently working at the British Museum as a documentation assistant. He took his undergraduate degree at Durham, his MA in Human Origins at Southampton and his PhD in the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic period at Durham.

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