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The University of Southampton
Special Collections

Image reprographics service

All copying is subject to the regulations and material will only be copied if no damage to the original will result.  For curatorial reasons, all copying and photography is done by members of staff.  No private photography of documents or books is permitted.

No copying is done "on the spot": an estimate will be supplied and the work will be carried out on receipt of payment.  Orders for scans usually take up to two weeks (although more time might be quoted for a larger order).  Photography orders can take up to six weeks.

How material can be copied

Copies can be provided as scans or photographs. Photographs, as well as large items such as maps, plans and illustrations, can be provided as JPegs or as Tiffs.

Prices of copies

1. Colour scans (Multiple pages delivered as pdf; sent electronically by University SafeSend file transfer system)

50p each per sheet

2. Digital photography (sent electronically by University SafeSend file transfer system)

Jpeg (Medium resolution)

£3.00 per image

Tiff (High resolution: suitable for publication)

£15.00 for first image; £6.00 for subsequent images


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