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MS 142 Archives of the London Board of Shechita

London Board of Shechita

The Board was constituted in 1801 by representatives of the congregations of the Great, the Hambro and the New Synagogues to regulate matters connected with the slaughter of poultry and livestock and preparation of meat according to Jewish practices. From 1804 the Board included representation from the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue. The activities of the Board have grown to encompass many aspects of a wide range of foodstuffs and their consumption by the Ashkenazi, Sephardi and other Jewish communities.

About the collection

Minute books of the Board, 1801-93; minute book of the sub- committee on Shechita, 1841-86, with copies of letters at the end of the volume; minute book of the executive committee, 1880-1913, with a report on the butchers' agitation, its origins and objects, 1908; agenda books for the executive sub-committee, 1877-87 and for the executive committee, 1916-24; minute book of the executive committee, 1924.

Financial papers: account books, 1809-98; wages books, 1838-1900; Yehidim annual debtors accounts, 1841-60; receipt books, 1930-5; invoice book, 1945-6; general accounts with Joseph Sebag and Company, 1965-9; investment papers, 1965-7; investment ledgers, 1950-71; general revenue account sheets, 1969-70; poultry fees, 1973-8; nominal ledgers, 1962-70, 1972-8, 1981; and cash books, 1963-80.

Correspondence, including letter books, 1876-85 and 1898-1905; correspondence, accounts, 1840s-1850s, 1941-2, and 1953-72; correspondents include synagogues, butchers, meat suppliers, the Ministry of Food, the Board of Deputies, the Beth Din, the Chief Rabbi, etc. Applications for licences. Volumes of butchers' licences, 1973.

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Former references:

AJ 75, AJ 286 and AJ 416


39 boxes and c.25 volumes

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