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MS 209 Salinger-Nathan family papers

Salinger-Nathan family

Morris Salinger (d. 1891) came to England from Gneizno, Poland (but then part of the Prussian Empire) in the 1830s. In 1848 he marriesd Sarah de Paiba (d. 1857), daughter of Abraham de Paiba, a descendant of one of the original Sephardic Jewish brokers admitted to England from the Netherlands during the Protectorate. He subsequently married Sarah's younger sister, Harriet. In 1859 Morris Salinger became by purchase a member of the City Guild of Spectacle Makers. Salinger's business flourished until the 1870s, when he guaranteed a friend in a speculative venture which failed.

Morris and Harriet Salinger's fifth child was Alfred (1867-1951). He spent two years at the City of London School and then began work for a firm of clothiers. Through family influence he went to work in Uruguay as a clerk in a firm constructing railways. This venture was terminated when he was invalided back to Britain after a bout of typhoid. Alfred Salinger later became a traveller for Vinolia Soap, visiting both Argentina and South Africa. He served in the City Imperial Volunteers for a year during the Boer War. In 1908 he married Hilda Nathan, granddaughter of Joseph Edward Nathan, the founder of Glaxo.

About the collection

Papers of Morris Salinger, in London, 1859-91.

Papers of Alfred Salinger, including his correspondence from Buenos Aires and Paraguay, 1896; correspondence while serving with the Mounted Infantry City Imperial Volunteers, 1900; letters from Frederick Elias Mocatta at Gallipoli, May and Oct 1915.

Papers relating to family history, including 'Forebears' by Nancy Burton, which gives details of the Salinger, Paiba, Nathan, Jones and Hart families: 'The other side of the record' by Dudley David Davis: a typescript of 'Historical sketch of the family of Carriao de Paibo and the allied families of Treves, Gideon, etc.' by Lucien Wolf; a copy of 'From generation to generation: the story of the Nathans' by M.P.Noel; and notes on the Nathan family and Jews in Australia and New Zealand.

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