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MS 59 Hansard family papers

This collection of Hansard family papers has been brought together from a number of sources. Of the earlier members of the Hansard family probably the two best known are Luke Hansard (1752-1828) and his eldest son, Thomas Curson Hansard (1776-1833), who were both printers, and the collection contains much to document parliamentary printing.

Hansard genealogies, 1730, 1809, 1838 and 1905; family title deeds, 1755-1912; wills and associated papers, 1733-1916; family bible and `Hansardiana' collected by the Hansard Society and J.H.Hansard; copies of ledger entries for insurance of Hansard properties, 1809 and 1821; account book for Hughes and Hansard, 1799; Hansard valuations and balances, 1802-23; copy of memorandums on public printing, 1859; manuscript copy of the autobiography of Luke Hansard, originally written in 1817 [published as The auto-biography of Luke Hansard, written in 1817 ed. by R.Myers (Wakefield, 1991)]; two volumes containing approximately 120 autograph letters of Luke Hansard mainly addressed to his eldest granddaughter and god daughter, Eliza, 1817-28.

Material for the children of Luke Hansard including an inventory of the furniture and effects of James Hansard (1781-c.1849), his second son, together with accounts relating to James' estate; diaries (five volumes) of Luke Graves Hansard (1783-1841), his third and youngest son [edited as Luke Graves Hansard, his diary, 1814-1841. A  case study in the reform of patronage ed. P. and G.Ford (Oxford, 1962)], as well as a narrative account of the firm of Hansard, 1828-38, written by Luke Graves Hansard.

Manuscript diary, 1844-51, of Luke Henry Hansard, the second, but first surviving, son of Luke Graves Hansard, and letters from George Hansard, fourth son of James Hansard, to his father; travel diary, journal, sketchbook, and other papers of Marion Sarah Simons, wife of Arthur Clifton Hansard; archives of the St George family, including the journal and diary of Colonel John St George and his wife, Frances, 1807-1853; diaries, memoirs and journals of their eldest son, General Sir John St George, 1812-91; the notebook of an artillery officer in the Crimea; and memoir, diary and journals of his son, 1862-1912. Copies of letters of Leopold Charles Hansard, 1912 and 1913, and typescript memoirs and biographical material relating to a New Zealand branch of the family, 1933 and 1959. Papers and correspondence of John Henry Hansard, from 1913 onwards.

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LF 780 UNI 08/372; A103; A445; A528; A554; A567; A592; A612

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