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March research highlights from Southampton Business School

Published: 6 April 2017

This page provides a spotlight on some of the most recent activity in Southampton Business School, with news about publications, speaking engagements and funded research.

Papers accepted

Baruch, Y. & Rousseau D. (2017) Integrating Psychological Contracts and their Stakeholders in Career Studies and Management. Proposal accepted by The Academy of Management Annals

Gregory-Smith, D.; Manika, D. & Demirel, P. (2017) "Green intentions under the blue flag: exploring differences in EU consumers’ willingness to pay more for environmentally-friendly products", Business Ethics: A European Review [ABS 2*]

Ramoglou, S & Tsang, EWK (2017). In defense of common sense in entrepreneurship theory: Beyond philosophical extremeties and linguistic abuses. Academy of Management Review [ABS: 4**]

Pina, K. and Tether, B. (2016) ‘Distinguishing knowledge types and the differential drivers of innovation among KIBS’, Research Policy, Vol.45, Issue 2, pp. 401-413. [ABS: 4**]

McGee, R. J. & McGroarty F., The Risk Premium that Never Was: A Fair Value Explanation of the Volatility Spread, European Journal of Operational Research [ABS 4*]

Papers published

Guo, L. Baruch, Y. & Russo, M. (2917). Work Resources and Civic Engagement: Benefits to Employee Physical and Mental Health. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 100, 56-66. [ABS 4*]

Hill, A., Cuthbertson, R., Laker, B., & Brown, S. (2017). Service fitness ladders: Improving business performance in low cost and differentiated markets. International Journal of Operations and Production Management. Vol 37. Issue 10 DOI 10.1108/IJOPM-03-2016-0142 [ABS: 4*]

Book chapters and reports

Cantore, S. (2017). Positive Approaches to Organisational Change. In Oades, L. G., Steger, M., Delle Fave, A., & Passmore, J. (Eds.). The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Positivity and Strengths-Based Approaches at Work. John Wiley & Sons.

Other special achievements

Stratos Ramoglou has delivered a seminar titled “Entrepreneurial opportunities and the role and nature of philosophy in management research” at Warwick Business School

Stratos Ramoglou has been invited to join the Editorial Review Board of the Academy of Management Review (a 4 ‘double star’ journal)


Cristián Bravo was awarded £9,876 by the Leverhulme Small Grant fund of the British Academy for the project “The Value of Opinions in Credit Evaluation for Small Businesses - Transforming Subjective Evaluations into Objective Risk Measurements”.

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