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September research highlights from the Business School

Published: 4 October 2017
September highlights

This month, we cast a spotlight on some of the most recent activity in Southampton Business School, including publications, speaking engagements and funded research.

Papers Accepted

R.P. Abeysooriy, J.A. Bennell and A. Martinez-Sykora (2017). Jostle heuristics for the 2D-irregular shapes bin packing problems with free rotation. International Journal of Production Economics, [ABS 3*].

Garrido, F., Verbeke, W., Bravo, C. (2017). A Robust Profit Measure for Binary Classification Model Evaluation. Expert Systems with Applications [ABS 3*]

Donald, W. Baruch, Y., & Ashleigh, M. (2917). The underground self-perception of employability: Human capital, careers advice, and career ownership. Studies in Higher Education [ABS 3*]

Katsikopoulos, K. V., Durbach, I. N., & Stewart, T. J. (2017). When should we use simple decision models? A synthesis of various research strands. OMEGA—The International Journal of Management Science [ABS3*]

Haque, F. and Ntim, C.G. ‘Environmental Policy, Sustainable Development, Governance Mechanisms and Environmental Performance’, Business Strategy and the Environment. [ABS 3*].

Elamer, A.A., Ntim, C.G. and Abdou, H. ‘Islamic Governance, National Governance and Risk Management and Disclosures Practices in MENA Countries’, Business & Society, [ABS 3*].

Bermejo Carbonell, Jorge and Richard A. Werner (2017), Do FDI Inflows Generate Economic Growth in Large Developed Economies? A New Empirical Approach, Applied to Spain, Economic Geography, [ABS 4*].

Papers Published

Demirel, P., Li, Q. C., Rentocchini, F., & Tamvada, J. P. (2017). Born to be green: new insights into the economics and management of green entrepreneurship. Small Business Economics. DOI: 10.1007/s11187-017-9933-z [ABS 3*]

Karaliopoulos, M., Katsikopoulos, K. V., and Lambrinos, L. (2017). Bounded rationality can making parking search more efficient: The power of lexicographic heuristics. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 101, 28-50 [ABS4*]

Ramoglou, S. & Tsang, E. W. K. 2017. In Defense of Common Sense in Entrepreneurship Theory: Beyond Philosophical Extremities and Linguistic Abuses. Academy of Management Review, Vol. 42, No. 4, 738–746. [ABS 4**]

Hill A and Brown S (2017). Understanding how service operational fit impacts business performance in markets with different needs. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 37 (10).

Halari, A., Helliar, C.V., Power, D.M. and Tantisantiwong, N. (2017) “Islamic calendar anomalies: Pakistani practitioners' perspective”, Qualitative Research in Financial Markets [ABS 1*]

Conference Papers

Baden, D, 2017, 'Professional identity as an unexplored motivator for sustainable practices'. 6th International Conference on Social Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainable Business Berlin).

Grady, D and Baden D, 2017 ‘Revisiting the question of ‘what is CSR?’ the implicit/explicit dichotomy’ 6th International Conference on Social Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainable Business Berlin).

Baruch Y. & Gregoriou A. (2017). The impact of people management: Employees’ satisfaction role in predicting financial performance. Paper presented at the Academy of Management Meeting, Atlanta.

Tran, H., Baruch, Y. & Bui, H. (2017). The Dynamics of Organizational and Non-Organizational Career in Vietnam's Career Ecosystem. Paper presented at the Academy of Management Meeting, Atlanta

Hang Tran, Yehuda Baruch and Hong Bui presented the paper: "Mapping careers in Vietnam" at the British Academy of Management, Warwick.

Shandana Shoaib, Tahir Nisar, Hong Bui and Yehuda Baruch presented the paper: "Manifestation of Moral Hazard in Higher Education Faculty" at the British Academy of Management, Warwick.

Hoang, G.V., Broad, M.J., Li, P and Bui, H. “Exploration of Factors Influencing Civil Servants’ Job Performance Culture in Vietnam”. The Role of Public Governance in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: Transforming, Empowering and Network-Building Conference, Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration, Seoul, Korea. 11-15 September 2017

Wolny, J. (2017). Uncovering the psychology of fitness wearables through the Relative Autonomy Index (RAI), Academy of Marketing Conference, July, Hull

Wolny, J. (2017). Understanding the smart retail experience: role of non-human technology actants in consumer journeys, Marketing Science Institute (MSI) and American Marketing Association (AMA) Conference, Wharton School of Business, June, Philadelphia, USA

Tantisantiwong, N. (2017) “Financial access for the poor and small business in Thailand”, ATPER Conference 2017, Vienna

Maisalee, T. and Tantisantiwong, N. (2017) “Risk management in the airline industry: are operational hedging and financial hedging substitutes or complements?”, ATPER Conference 2017, Vienna

Book Chapters and Reports

Brown S, Bessant J. and Jia (2018) Strategic Operations Management (4th edition) Routledge Oxford.

Werner, Richard A.
(2017), Flawed Regulation: Time for Reflection, FS Focus, Institute for Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), Financial Services Faculty, July/August 2017.

Gong, Y.
, Jia, F. and Brown, S. (2017). “Tetra Pak: Creating a Recycling Chain in China”, Ivey Publishing (teaching case)

Gong, Y.
, Jia, F. and Brown, S. (2017). “Modernisation of dairy farms: the case of Nestlé’s Dairy Farming Institute in China”, Emerging Markets Case Studies (teaching case).

Voskeritsian, H., Veliziotis, M., Kapotas, P. and Kornelakis, A. (2017) Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Social Partners and Reforms in the Wage-Setting System in Greece under Austerity. GreeSE Paper No. 114. Hellenic Observatory, European Institute: LSE.

Awards and Grants

Christine Naschberger, Celine Legrand and Yehuda Baruch won a research grant by the Audencia Foundation of €12,000 for the project: "Modelling employability and career expectations of graduates."

Other Special Achievements

Yehuda Baruch was recognised as Best Reviewer by the Career Division for the Academy of Management Conference in Atlanta

Tolga Bektas and Yehuda Baruch were identified as top 100 European Scholars that published in the ABS * list since 2012

Yehuda Baruch served as the Chair for the PhD Symposium at the British Academy of Management, Warwick.

Konstantinos Katsikopoulos signed a book contract with MIT Press. The book, called “Classification in the Wild” is to be co-authored with Ozgur Simsek (University of Bath), Markus Buckmann (Bank of England and Max Planck Institute for Human Development), and Gerd Gigerenzer (Max Planck Institute for Human Development).

Tapas Mishra’s former PhD student, Dr. Ayman Alafi, recently joined the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as a Senior Financial Sector Expert.

Tapas Mishra’s current PhD student, Marc Gillaizeau, will join the World Bank internship in April 2018.

Andrew Urquhart has been appointed an Associate Editor of Research in International Business and Finance [ABS 2*]

Julia Wolny is co-editing a special issue of Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing on ‘Understanding the Digital Customer Experience: Automation, Augmentation and Smart Devices’ with Prof Merlin Stone.

PhD Completions

Ali Al Balushi, PhD in Management, supervised by Prof Edgar Meyer and Prof Tolga Bektas

Gyanendra Rao, PhD in Management, supervised by Prof Johnnie Johnson and Prof Vanessa Sung

Ranga Abeysooriya, PhD in Management, supervised by Prof Julia Bennell and Dr Antonio Martinez Sykora

Rasha Fallatah, PhD in Management, supervised by Dr Oliver Marnet and Dr John Malagila

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