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December research highlights from the Business School

Published: 12 January 2018

This month, we cast a spotlight on some of the most recent activity in Southampton Business School, including publications, speaking engagements and funded research.

Papers Accepted

Bektas, Tolga. (2017), Path and speed optimization for conflict-free pickup and delivery under time windows, Transportation Science, (ABS 3*), 0041-1655

Asseburg, Julia., Homberg, Fabian. (2017), Recruitment messaging, environmental fit and public service motivation: experimental evidence on intentions to apply for public sector jobs, International Journal of Public Sector Management, , 0951-3558

Dao, Thong Minh., Mcgroarty Francis., Urquhart, Andrew. (2017), Ultra-high-frequency lead-lag relationship and information arrival, Quantitative Finance, (ABS 3*), 1469-7688

Veliziotis, Michail. (2017), Beyond conflict, Journal of Vocational Behavior, (ABS 4*), 0001-8791

Neamatian Monemi, Rahimeh. (2017), The Ring Spur Assignment Problem, Computers and Operations Research, (ABS 3*), 0305-0548

Homberg, Fabian., (2017), Are organizational defensive routines harmful to the relationship between personality and organizational learning?, Journal of Business Research, (ABS 3*), 0148-2963

Saville, Christina., Emma, Smith Honora., Bijak, Katarzyna. (2017), Operational Research techniques applied throughout cancer care services, Health Systems, (ABS 2*), 2047-6965

Bektas, T. (2017). Disjunctive programming for multiobjective discrete optimisation. Forthcoming in INFORMS Journal on Computing (ABS3*)

Steve Brown and Jack Gong: "Supply Chain Learning of Sustainability in Multi-tier Supply Chains: A resource orchestration perspective" accepted for publication in International Journal of Operations & Production Management (ABS 4*)

Steve Brown and T. Baines: "Measuring Servitization Progress and Outcome: The Case of ‘Advanced Services" accepted for publication in Production Planning & Control, (ABS 3*)

Alvaro Perez-Diaz, Enrico Gerding and Frank McGroarty, "Coordination and Payment Mechanisms for Electric Vehicle Aggregators" accepted by Applied Energy (Impact Factor 7.5)

Xenia Ziouvelou and Frank McGroarty, “Business Models for Crowd-driven IoT Ecosystems: A Review” accepted by International Journal of Computer and Software Engineering

Robert De Caux, Frank McGroarty and Markus Brede, "Growth and collapse: An agent-based banking model of endogenous leverage cycles and financial contagion" accepted by International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics

Published Papers

Beigi, Mina. (2017), Work-family interface in the context of career success, Human Relations, (ABS 4*), 0018-7267

Ntim, Collins. (2017), The effect of Islamic values on voluntary corporate governance disclosure: The case of Saudi listed firms, Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research, (ABS 1*), 1759-0817

Ntim, Collins. (2017), Bank opacity and risk-taking, Journal of Financial Stability, (ABS 3*), 1572-3089

Ko, Wai. (2017), Proactive entrepreneurial behaviour, market orientation, and innovation outcomes: a study of small- and medium-sized manufacturing firms in the UK, European Journal of Marketing, (ABS 3*), 0309-0566

Bravo, Cristian. (2017), Integrated framework for profit-based feature selection and SVM classification in credit scoring, Decision Support Systems, (ABS 3*), 0167-9236

Chen, Cheng. (2017), Responsible brands vs active brands? An examination of brand personality on brand awareness, brand trust, and brand loyalty, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, (ABS 1*), 0263-4503

Ntim, Collins. (2017), Corporate governance mechanisms and accounting conservatism, Corporate Governance, (ABS 3*), 1472-0701

Nisar, Tahir. (2017), Exploring the key drivers behind the adoption of mobile banking services, Journal of Marketing Analytics, 2050-3318

Conference Papers

Marnet, Oliver., Soobaroyen, Teerooven. The quality of board decision making processes in Higher Education institutions, Society for Research into Higher Education Annual Conference

Johnson, Johnnie., Sung, Ming-Chien., Ma, Tiejun, Moreno Paredes., Juan, Carlos. The impact of mobile apps on trading behaviour in financial markets, Sixteenth Asia-Pacific Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences

Munson, Joanna., Elizabeth, Tiropanis Thanassis., Lowe, Michelle. Online grocery shopping, Internet Science. INSCI 2017

Sung, Ming-Chien., Johnson, Johnnie., Ma, Tiejun., Fraser-Mackenzie., Peter AF. Uncovering the differential seasonal weather effects on individual financial decisions, Sixteenth Asia-Pacific Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences

Urquhart, Andrew. Local sport sentiment and expected stock returns, 5th Paris Financial Management Conference, 2017

Urquhart, Andrew. The intraday dynamics of Bitcoin, 15th INFINITI Conference on International Finance

Book Chapters and Reports

Bektas, Tolga. Freight Transport and Distribution

Grinevich, Vadim. Exploratory Study of consumer issues in peer-to-peer platform markets

Marshall, Alasdair., Johnson, Johnnie., Dawson, Ian., Lin, Fenfang. Risk Intelligence


Marnet, Oliver., Soobaroyen, Teerooven. Leadership Foundation for Higher Education. Awarded amount: £10,000.00

Other Special Achievements

Mine Karatas-Ozkan has been appointed as the Chair of EURAM (European Academy of Management) Doctoral Colloquium, which is one of the flagship events of EURAM aiming to serve to the doctoral community.

Professor Richard Werner, D.Phil. (Oxon), was invited by the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) to become a Fellow.

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