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Latest research news and achievements from SBS – December 2019

Published: 22 January 2020
Research News

We cast a spotlight on some of the most recent activity in Southampton Business School, including publications, special achievements and funded research in December 2019.


Papers Accepted

Angell, Robert (2019), The role of photograph aesthetics on online review sites, Journal of Travel Research, 0047- 2875, (ABS 4*)

Chipulu, Maxwell, Vahidi, Ramesh (2019), The dependence upon context of project critical success factors: test of the contingency hypothesis and effects of technological uncertainty and collectivism culture, Production Planning & Control, 0953-7287, (ABS 3*)

Chowdhury, Rashedur (2019), From Black Pain to Rhodes Must Fall, Journal of Bussiness Ethics, 0167-4544, (ABS 3*)

Sung, Ming-Chien, Ma, Tiejun, Johnson, Johnnie, Kansara, Amey, Pramodkumar (2019), Towards a better understanding of the full impact of the left digit effect on individual trading behaviour: unearthing a trading profit effect, European Journal of Finance, 1351-847X, (ABS 3*)

Kita, Arben, (2019), Arbitrage in international sovereign debt markets? Evidence from the inflation protected securities of six countries, Journal of Money, Credit & Banking, 0022-2879, (ABS 4*)

Kusi-Sarpong, Simonov (2019), Green candidate selection for organisational environmental management, International Journal of Manpower, 0143-7720, (ABS 2*)

Lopez Lamelas, Maria Del Carmen (2019), Country image appraisal, Journal of Business Research, 0148-2963, (ABS 3*)

Ma, Tiejun, Sung, Ming-Chien, Johnson, Johnnie (2019), Can deep learning predict risky retail investors? A case study in financial risk behavior forecasting, European Journal of Operational Research, 0377-2217, (ABS 4*)

Chipulu, Maxwell, Marshall, Alasdair, Ojiako, Udechukwu, Williams, Terence (2019), An operations readiness typology for mitigating against transitional 'disastrous openings’ of airport infrastructure projects, Production Planning & Control, 0953-7287, (ABS 3*)

Singh, Jaywant (2019), Corporate image at stake: the impact of crises and response strategies on consumer perceptions of corporate brand alliances, Journal of Business Research, 0148-2963, (ABS 3*)

Singh, Jaywant (2018), How intensity of cause-related marketing guilt appeals influences consumers, Journal of Advertising Research, 0021-8499, (ABS 3*)

Singh, Jaywant (2019), The role of brand equity and crisis type on corporate brand alliances in crises, European Management Review, 1740-4754, (ABS 3*)

Tauringana, Venancio (2019), Determinants of academic performance of accounting students in Ghanaian secondary and tertiary education institutions, Accounting Education, 0963-9284, (ABS 2*)

Wang, Weisha (2019), Is the student-centered learning style more effective than the teacher-student double-centered learning style in improving reading performance?, Frontiers in Psychology, 1664-1078


Published Papers

Ashleigh, Melanie (2019), Impact of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) on users in Higher Educational system, International Journal of Management Technology, 2055-0855

Gong, Yu (2020), Study on the asymmetric QRE network game simulation of the South China Sea route trade cooperation, Marine Policy, 0308-597X, (ABS 2*)

Kusi-Sarpong, Simonov (2019), An original framework for strategic technology development of small manufacturing enterprises in emerging economies, Benchmarking: An International Journal, 1463-5771, (ABS 1*)

Lopez Lamelas, Maria Del Carmen (2020), Does communicating safety matter?, Annals of Tourism Research, 0160-7383, (ABS 4*)

Singh, Jaywant (2019), Tackling global challenges through cause-related marketing: how brands should promote their support to social causes, Admap, 0001-8295

Singh, Jaywant (2019), Managing patient expectations through understanding health service experiences, British Journal of Medical Practitioners, 1757-8515

Xue, Bai, Li, Pingli, Zhang, Zhuang (2019), Corporate environmental performance, environmental management and firm risk, Business Strategy and the Environment, 0964- 4733, (ABS 3*)


Books and Book Chapters

Singh, Jaywant, Cross-cultural consumer responses to cause-related marketing: theoretical insights and future research, Socially Responsible International Business

Tamvada, Jagannadha Pawan, Professor David Audretsch: my Doktorvater, From Industrial Organization to Entrepreneurship


PhD Completions

Abdulrahman Alshaikhmubarak, supervised by Yehuda Baruch and Nuno Da Camara


Conference Papers

Lin, Xiaoshuang, An Exploration of Social Cognitive Consequences of Challenging and Supportive Voices, Academy of Management Proceedings

Lin, Xiaoshuang, Servant Leadership and Follower Voice: A Dual-Centric Energizing Process, Academy of Management Proceedings

Singh, Jaywant, Spreading of bad news online, 6th International Consumer Brand Relationships Conference

Singh, Jaywant, Negative spill over effects in corporate brand alliances in crisis, AMA Winter Conference 2019

Wang, Weisha, Not everyone appreciates the benefits of social support: the effects of relational self and attachment styles, International Conference on Digital Health and Medical Analytics

Other Special Achievements

Mine Karatas-Ozkan and Yehuda Baruch were awarded funding by Arts Council England for a project on Female Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership in the art and creative sector; £72k.

Martin Kunc was named Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Operational Research Society.

Simonov Kusi-Sarpong and colleagues have had their special issue proposal accepted in the International Journal of Production Research who have now published the call for papers.

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