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The University of Southampton

Our alumni

We are keen to keep in touch with our past chemistry undergraduates and postgraduates, and we are always very interested to know how your career path has developed since graduation.

We run annual alumni events, where past graduates are invited to return to the University and give talks to our current students about their career path since leaving. It's an excellent opportunity for them to pass on their experience and expertise of the world of work.

The event is a great way for our current students to obtain ideas and further information about opportunities after they graduate, and to network and develop possible contacts.

Where are they now?

Find out what our alumni have to say about their time at Southampton and what they are doing now.

Photo of Jacqueline Akhavan

I always wanted to go into academia and become a lecturer, however, the best advice my PhD supervisor gave me was to get a job in industry and then move back into academia

Jacqueline Akhavan - BSc (1979); MPhil (1982); PhD (1984)
Photo of Emma Atkins

I'm still using chemistry every day. My degree at Southampton gave me the knowledge, training and confidence to push the boundaries of where and how chemistry is used to develop new technologies.

Emma Atkins - MChem Chemistry with year long industrial experience
Photo of Colin Bird

I enjoyed being at Southampton for my PhD very much, I made lifelong friends from around the world that I am still in touch with today.

Colin Bird - BSc Chemistry & PhD Chemistry
Photo of Ken Collins

I took the opportunity to join the Students Union societies which created interesting social opportunities.

Ken Collins - BSc Chemistry
Photo of James Dodd

Chemistry at Southampton is consistently at the top end of the league tables for teaching, which gave me confidence of gaining a strong start to my career.

James Dodd - MChem Chemistry
Photo of Hywel Evans

Travelling over 5000 miles away to undertake cutting-edge research at the best public university in America was a truly unique and incredible experience

Hywel Evans - MChem Chemistry with six month placement
Photo of Alexandra Hartke

The labs gave me a good analytical foundation for my third year project and the start of my career.

Alexandra Hartke - BSc Chemistry
Photo of Joanne Hough

My Southampton MChem has provided a passport to a dynamic career that is both rewarding and enjoyable.

Joanne Hough - MChem, 2005
Photo of Frankie Jaffa

Many graduates struggle to differentiate themselves from other well qualified and often experienced competitors but a degree in Chemistry - especially one from Southampton University, is so versatile and highly respected it can be applied to a myriad of careers.

Frankie Jaffa - MChem
Photo of Pushwinder Kaur

My current job involves a lot of customer support all over the world. I’m really pleased with the career path I choose and know that I made the right decision.

Pushwinder Kaur - MChem
Photo of Emanuela Lorusso

My experience at the University of Southampton and in particular my summer project definitely added value to my career and therefore allowed me to be considered for several positions.

Emanuela Lorusso - MSc Instrumental Analytical Chemistry, 2016
Photo of Xameerah Malik

Having a chemistry degree has been incredibly useful in my policy career because it helped me develop analytical thinking and the ability to understand other scientific and engineering concepts more easily.

Xameerah Malik - MChem
Photo of James Mason

I decided to return to university after working for more than 20 years in electronic engineering because I was becoming increasingly interested in electrochemistry. Professor John Owen accepted me to study with his team in his laboratory and I completed the MPhil on a part-time basis over five years

James Mason - MPhil
Photo of Alice Moysiadi

I am extremely grateful to the Onassis Foundation for awarding me a prestigious scholarship in order to study instrumental analytical chemistry in Southampton.

Alice Moysiadi - MSc Instrumental Analytical Chemistry, 2016
Photo of Laura Offin

My experience of electrochemistry and surface science and high throughput screening techniques gained during my PhD have prepared me well for my role at Ilika.

Laura Offin - MChem in Chemistry with Environmental Science, 2004
Photo of Jazmyn Palmer

Without a doubt my favourite part of my degree was spending 6 months in New Zealand during my fourth year. The placement entailed working in a PhD research lab in the University of Otago. The decision to go to New Zealand was completely mine and the University staff were absolutely excellent in helping the dream become a reality.

Jazmyn Palmer - MChem Chemistry
Photo of Jessica Rouse

I worked at a senior level with managers at global companies such as BP and Chevron on strategic, technical and scientific projects.

Jessica Rouse - PhD Chemistry
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