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The University of Southampton

Glassblowing service recognised at BBSG awards

Published: 14 September 2010
The skill of glassblowing

The School of Chemistry's in-house glassblowing service has been recognised for its excellence at the annual British Society of Scientific Glassblowing (BSSG) event.

All members of the Southampton team won awards for their glassblowing capabilities, which were presented at the BSSG’s recent symposium. Lee Mulholland, Paul Frampton and Przemyslaw Tryc from the School of Chemistry participated in a series of competitions, each which required examples of glassblowing to be produced in accordance with specific entry requirements and a set brief.

Lee Mulholland, Head of the School of Chemistry’s Glassblowing Workshop, won the "Quickfit Cup", in a category which was open to all participants and placed no restrictions on style or method used. Paul Frampton won the "Thermal Syndicate Cup" for his piece made from fused silica, and Przemyslaw Tryc won the "Hampshire Trophy", for his "set" and" free" piece, which was made without the aid of a glassblowing lathe.
The BSSG exists to further the status of Scientific Glassblowers from across the UK, through holding meetings, presenting papers and encouraging and promoting higher standards of skill and technical knowledge of glass and related instruments and apparatus.
The University of Southampton’s glassblowing workshop provides a full design and manufacturing service for complex scientific glass apparatus, including work with electrochemical cells. As well as providing equipment to support teaching and research within the School, the team also fulfil external commercial contracts, providing a valuable link between the department and the wider scientific community across the UK and abroad.

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