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The University of Southampton

Carbon funding for Chemistry’s ‘Try before you buy’ laboratory

Published: 6 January 2015
solvent recycler

A team in have Chemistry received carbon management funding to trial new laboratory equipment that uses less water and less power than traditional equipment, as well as reducing the amount of chemicals used in the department.

The trial lab is now in place, and colleagues are invited to use the equipment and test whether the environmentally efficient equipment works for their area of chemistry.

Dr Simon Coles, who is leading the work in the department, said: “This is about myth busting. Setting up a try-before-you-buy lab on campus gives colleagues the opportunity to use this new equipment and see first-hand that it works for their chemistry.”

This follows funding for the Joulo project – a small device that measures changes in the temperature of homes and analyses the data – earlier in the year.  The team behind Joulo received Carbon Management funding for the next stage of their product’s development, including a trial deployment around the University.

Colleagues who are interested please email for more information about the fund.

Simon will be organising an event in the New Year to share sustainability best practices from Chemistry with colleagues across the University.

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