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The University of Southampton

Turning Laboratories into Factories

Published: 25 October 2019
Labfact poster

Turning Laboratories into Factories (LabFact) is an Interreg-funded project that involves 6 institutes and one company within the FCE region (CNRS, ENSICAEN, Universities of Caen, Rouen, Sussex and Southampton and Pareon Chemicals), bringing together world experts in flow chemistry and reagentless synthesis.

LabFact is led by Prof. David Harrowven (Southampton) with Prof. Isabelle Chataigner (Rouen) as the French Lead. Rebecca Mayrhofer (Southampton) is the Head Project Manager aided by Caroline Ozouf (Caen, lead Project Manager in France).

Project poster

The Management Board also includes Prof. Thierry Lequeux, (Caen), Prof. Philip Parsons (Pareon Chemicals), Dr. Julien Legros (CNRS), Prof. Mark Bagley and Lesley Heath (Sussex), Prof. Jacques Rouden (ENSICAEN) and Camille Franceschi (Rouen).  A Monitoring Committee follows the project implementation and is headed by the Joint Technical Secretariat (Managing Authority of the Interreg V programme).

LabFact Aims to produce chemical scaffolds targeted to the needs of regional industries and to assist in the development of instrumentation and methods for targeted flow and reagentless synthesis.

LabFact’s Vision is to produce these scaffolds with little to no waste using flow and reagentless techniques.  In combination, these can reduce costs and waste streams while enhancing sustainability and reproducibility.

LabFact can help SMEs in the Region by assisting in the development of sustainable chemical production methods, adding fine chemical products to their portfolio (under license), and assisting with instrument development to meet common sustainability needs in the FCE region.

For further information visit:  LabFact website

Funding body: Interreg France (Channel) England

The project has a budget of €5,738,426 of which €3,959,513 comes from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) via the Interreg France (Channel) England programme.

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