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The University of Southampton

Southampton Electrochemistry Conference Event

21 May 2012
Building 27 room 2001 Refreshments sponsored by Alvatek

Event details

A day full of academic speakers


Time Details
Dr Denis Kramer, University of Southampton (Engineering Science)
Stability and morphology of active materials from first principles
 Dr Stephen Price, University of Southampton
Bifunctional oxygen catalysts for energy storage
 Dr Christopher Lee, Ilika PLC
Solid state electrolytes for Li-ion batteries
 Prof Philippe Allongue, Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau, France
Ultra thin magnetic films: the electrochemical approach
 Dr David Cook and Dr Wenjian Zhang, University of Southampton
Electrodeposition of metals and semiconductors from supercritical solvents
 15:00  Dr Guy Denuault, University of Southampton
Scanning electrochemical microscopy: probing reactions in porous and nanostructured materials
 15:50  Prof Julie Macpherson, University of Warwick
Use of carbon electrodes in electrochemistry

Speaker information

Many different academics to speak,see above

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