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The University of Southampton

Enriching chemical space to drug undruggable targets Seminar

13 November 2013
Building 27, Room 2001 (Lecture Room 1) Chemistry Highfield University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Dr Seung Lee at .

Event details

Part of the MDT Seminar Series Chemical Biology Research Seminar

The pharmaceutical industry is an enormously successful business sector. However, the current challenges facing the industry are unprecedented. Foremost among these challenges are the industry’s diminishing revenue forecasts due to the decreasing number of new chemical entity (NCE) approvals. A high attrition rate of clinical candidates (ca. 93–96%) is prevalent throughout the industry. Pharma’s recent dramatic restructuring is largely due to this high attrition rate. My talk aims to highlight some of the underlying factors of this. Namely, (1) the relative lack of structural diversity and (2) the relative lack of targets exploited in drug discovery. The talk will include recent research within my laboratory aimed at addressing these issues using diversity-oriented synthesis and constrained variants of the approach. [H. Beckmann, C. J. O' Connor, D. R. Spring, Chem. Soc. Rev. 2012, 41, 4444-4456.]

Speaker information

Prof David Spring, University of Cambridge. Our research interests originate from a desire to understand and exploit biological systems using organic synthesis primarily

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