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The University of Southampton

Joint MAFS and MDT PhD sympoisum Seminar

17 July 2014
Building 29, Room 1101 Chemistry University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Geoff Hyett at .

Event details

The Molecular Assembly, Function and Strucutre Research group and the Molecular Diagnostic and Therapeutics research group combine to present a range of talks from their PhD students.

Session 1

11.00am Talk 1 Matthew Potter Designing novel multifunctional active-sites for sustainable applications.

11.20am Talk 2 William Mothersole Developing heterogeneous catalysts for sustainable transformations of CO2

11.40am Talk 3 George Sanderson 'Macrocyclic metal fluoride complexes; A potential new class of PET imaging agents'

12.00pm Talk 4 Martin Champion Structural and spectroscopic studies of mixed donor macrocyclic complexes and halometallate salts of lanthanide ions

12.20pm Lunch

Session 2

2.00pm Talk 5 James Wood DNA Templated Construction of Multi-Porphyrin Arrays

2.20pm Talk 6 Alex Hoose 'Targeting eukaryotic translation initiation factors'

2.40pm Talk 7 Ayham Al-Muhammad 'Synthesis of Novel Polyaromatic Molecules for Applications in Organic Electronics'

3.00pm Talk 8 Andrea Krachmalnicof Optimised route to A@C60 and approaches to HF@C60

3.30pm Tea

Session 3

4.00pm Talk 9 Lisa Blair Mixing and Quantifying Multi-Component Materials for Pyrotechnic Applications

4.20pm Talk 10 Philip Adler Statistical Descriptions of Crystalline compounds

4.40pm Talk 11 Isabelle Kirby Charge density characteristics of anion receptor complexes

5.00pm Talk 12 Louise Karagiannidis Neutral receptors for the transport of anions across lipid membranes

5.30pm Wine Reception

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