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The University of Southampton

Macromolecular Tinsel & Baubles – Transforming Spider Silk and Apoferritin into Drug Delivery and in vivo Imaging Platforms Seminar

7 December 2016
Builidng 27, Room2001, Chemistry, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ

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Event details

Prof Neil Thomas presents a seminar as part of the Chemistry Biology, Diagnostics and Therapeutics Seminar series.

Using a combination of protein engineering, non-proteinogenic amino acid mutagenesis and selective chemical conjugation to modify recombinant spider silk and apoferritin, we have created and preliminarily evaluated a number of new biologics for a range of healthcare applications. These new hybrid biomaterials harness the self-assembly and physical properties of the natural materials they are derived from whilst possessing new capabilities through their subsequent site-specific chemical decoration.

Speaker information

Prof Neil R. Thomas, University of Nottingham. Professor of Medicinal & Biological Chemistry Centre for Biomolecular Sciences School of Chemistry University of Nottingham BSc(Hons) Chemistry 1st Class, University of Southampton 1984-87 (Projects with Dr David Gani and Prof. Tony Rest) PhD, University of Southampton, 1987-90 Mechanistic studies on pyridoxal phosphate dependent enzymes and ammonia lyases (Prof. David Gani) (Last 3 months moved to University of St Andrews) NATO/SERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow 1990-92, The Pennsylvania State University, Prof. Stephen Benkovic (Coenzyme-dependent catalytic antibodies and mechanistic studies on dihydrofolate reductase) Royal Society University Research Fellow, 1992-95, School of Chemistry, University of Bath; 1995-2000 School of Chemistry, University of Nottingham (with proleptic lectureship). 2000-2003 Lecturer, University of Nottingham 2003-2007 Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer), University of Nottingham 2008-present, Professor of Medicinal & biological chemistry, University of Nottingham Sabbaticals at the Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, UC-Berkeley (Prof. Carolyn Bertozzi) in 2006, 2007 BBSRC committee C core member 2010-15 RSC Chemical Biology & Biological Chemistry Group committee member 2008-2016

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