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The University of Southampton

Electrochemical method development in the lithium battery research boom. Seminar

20 March 2019
Building 27, Room 2003 Chemistry University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Dr. Nuria Garcia-Araez at .

Event details

Dr. Matt Lacey, an outstanding researcher at Uppsala University will give an exciting talk about his work on developing new electrochemical methodologies to study practically relevant Li-S and Li-ion batteries.

Matt Lacey is a scientist specialist in lithium battery chemistry and electrochemistry, working as a development engineer at Scania.  

Speaker information

Matt Lacey, Scania, Uppsala, Sweden. Matt’s research work is in lithium-sulfur batteries, he is I'm particularly interested in using the open source programming language R - originally designed for and by statisticians - for data analysis, visualisation and presentation. One of the most interesting tools associated with R is Shiny, a framework for creating interactive web applications with R. As far as publishing agreements allow, Matt think this is a good way to release datasets in an interactive way to try and illustrate research in ways that it's not so easy to do in print.

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