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The University of Southampton
Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture

What our students think

Below are a few quotes from our students.

"The MA in Medieval and Renaissance Culture has deepened my understanding of my field of interest in a way no single-discipline programme could have done. It opened my eyes to the fact that what I perceived to be unrelated areas of study such as music, textiles and tombstones were in fact highly relevant to my own interests, Renaissance drama and mysticism. The course has equipped me with the skills for carrying out independent research, something which I now feel confident to do."
- Kristina Turner, MA in Medieval and Renaissance Culture

"The MA Medieval and Renaissance Culture has been invaluable to my academic development as it brought so many new and varied sources to my attention. In trying to understand the culture of the period as a whole - its music, drama, dress and history - my own interest in performance could be applied to many different aspects of Renaissance life. The group discussions that come from being part of the CMRC are always stimulating for their diversity and breadth of knowledge and the MA gave me the practical skills required to go on to further interdisciplinary study at Southampton."

- Clare Egan, MA Medieval and Renaissance Culture and 2nd year PhD student

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