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The University of Southampton
Digital Learning

Narrative media

Video and audio have become central to the way that many people consume information, and the use of these 'narrative media' formats for learning resources is growing rapidly as technology makes them easier to create and share. At its simplest, our Panopto system enables academics to record their lecture slides and audio so students can review that session later. At the other end of the scale, the Digital Learning team is able to plan, shoot and edit professional video that uses techniques seen in documentaries such as location filming, music and animated graphics. The key differences are the direction, design and editing that shape the raw footage into an engaging narrative.

Audio is also an effective medium for learning resources, providing an alternative to text and enabling students to study on the move. Examples range from a verbal explanation of an assignment's criteria to a series of podcasts containing edited interviews with guest speakers. Academics can record the interviews using their mobile phone and edit them using free software that is easy to learn.

If you think a module would benefit from audio or video, come and talk to us about your ideas and learn about the services and support we offer.  Alternatively complete the media request form and one of the team will get back to you.


Microphone used to record podcasts

Audio podcasts

Audio is a great educational resource that students can use while travelling, waiting or working. It is easy to create, and students value the 'human touch' that voice offers compared with conventional texts.

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