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Open Schooling through Science Education Project

Published: 16 June 2023

Creating Organisational Structures for Meaningful science education through Open Schooling for all (COSMOS), EU Project

COSMOS is an EU funded project under the Horizon 2020 programme (Grant Agreement: 101005982). The key aim of COSMOS is to enable primary and secondary schools to become ‘open schools’ by engaging with their local communities through science education.

The project helps schools to develop a more ‘outward’ mode of engagement in, with and for their communities by creating core teams of collaborators within participating schools that can work together on making science education more relevant for pupils and beneficial for themselves and their communities.

The pedagogy of Socioscientific Inquiry-based Learning (SSIBL) is used to help schools and communities focus on learning about relevant and meaningful socio-scientific issues (SSIs) such as biodiversity loss, climate change, obesity, air quality. We explore how the COSMOS approach can be sustainable by working closely with teachers, stakeholders and school leadership, offering teacher professional development, supporting networking, collaboration and capacity building.

The COSMOS consortium consists of 13 partners in 7 countries, with expertise in formal and non-formal science education, science teacher training and in building strong societal links within their communities. Each national team consists of a university and a non-formal partner (e.g. science museums, informal science learning centres, non-governmental organisations) who together support and facilitate open schooling with participating schools.

In the UK, Southampton Education School is collaborating with Winchester Science Centre, and we are open to consider new collaborations with local primary and secondary schools.

For more details or if you want to collaborate with us please check the COSMOS website or contact us here:

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