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The University of Southampton
Southampton Education School

Expert Perspectives on Teaching Digital Accessibility in Computer Science and the Workplace Seminar

12:00 - 13:00
1 November 2022

Event details

This talk draws on UKRI-funded research in technical disciplines and industry to establish the unique pedagogic repertoire that characterises the teaching of digital accessibility. Digital accessibility is fundamental to the digital disability rights, rights that are synonymous with access to public services, health, education, work and the public sphere. Lags in capacity mean effective teaching is essential to advancing accessibility, whether in an education program or by influencing colleagues, co-workers, and leadership. Drawing from Expert Panel Research with pedagogic leaders in universities, industry, government and NGOs we examine the influence of web standards and compliance culture on accessibility pedagogy, alongside the socio-structural positioning of accessibility in the academy and tensions between the politics of disability and the logics of computer science. Accessibility is complex topic, including disability, law, design, policy, strategy, methods, and more. Requirements are ever changing, to keep pace with technology. Attention to the structuring facets of this field bring opportunities to build pedagogical culture and more effective responses to the unique challenges of teaching in this dynamic field.

Speaker information

Dr Sarah Lewthwaite, Dr Andy Coverdale and Sarah Horton,Southampton Education School

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