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Online Workshops and Courses

On this page you can find a number of online courses and workshops about various topics. 

These offer the same tips, techniques and strategies available as in-person courses and workshops, allowing you to go at your own pace and access these materials from anywhere!

Use the boxes below to access the resource you would like to try. 

Gettting a Better Night's Sleep

Been having trouble getting to sleep? Create a free Togetherall account to access an online course for learning skills and strategies on getting a better night's sleep.     

Coping with Homesickness

Our Coping with Homesickness workshop is currently under construction. Click here to access a useful document that provides a variety of tips, techniques and advice on beating the homesickness blues.

Coping with Change

Sometimes it can be challenging to manage changes or transitions, even if the change is positive. This presentation contains strategies to help you cope with change. 

Coping with Exam Anxiety

Find out more information about what exam anxiety is and the different ways we can manage this - in the run up to exams, on the day, and after the exam.

The "STOP!" technique

Feelings of stress often bring increased tension in the body. The STOP technique helps us to reduce unhelpful tension to a manageable level. 

Muscular relaxation technique

Learning to relax can take practise - this short session guides you through the muscular relaxation technique which can help release tension in the body.

Creating a safe space

This technique can help to reduce stress and anxiety by visualising ourselves in a neutral, calm space. This video guides you through how to create this safe space.

Pendulating technique

This video talks through the Pendulating technique, which involves shifting your attention back and forth between places in your body. This technique can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

LinkedIn Learning

As a University of Southampton student you also have free access to a large number of videos created by LinkedIn Learning.  These cover a broad range of topics and can be watched anywhere, at any time and in a number of languages.

Enabling Services have collated some collections of videos around useful topics, which you can find below. You can pick and choose which videos you watch or you can view the whole collection.  Once you have viewed any relevant videos here, you can also use the LinkedIn Learning site to search for more content that may interest you.


Looking for some general wellbeing advice?  You may wish to watch this short collection of videos which contain some general tips about how to stay well.

Revision Techniques

Struggling with revision?  We have chosen some LinkedIn Learning videos that may help, key elements include creating a study plan, reviewing your notes and taking rest breaks.


Are you feeling anxious?  You could try watching some of the videos from this LinkedIn Learning collection about anxiety for some helpful tips and advice.

Mindfulness Tips

Do you want to learn about Mindfulness?  You may wish to watch the LinkedIn Learning collection of Mindfulness related videos, that may be helpful if you are new to the practice of Mindfulness.

Take a look at our NHS self-help leaflets for further resources!
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