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The University of Southampton
Energy at Southampton

Bioenergy Awayday  Event

12:00 - 17:30
24 September 2013
Chilworth Manor

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Event details

This event is a showcase for Southampton University's world leading Bioenergy research

The Bioenergy Awayday was filmed. Watch  a complete recording by following this link:-





  • 12.00 - Lunch and networking
  • 13.10 welcome:  Professor Gail Taylor, Chair of the Energy Multi-disciplinary Research Group
  • 13.20 – 13.30 BRIDGE 2020:Biobased and Renewable Industries for Development and Growth in Europe A brief introduction by Dr Sue Edwards from the EU office. Sue will be available throughout to answer questions.  
  • 13.30 – 13.55 Dr Robert Raja: ‘Hybrid Catalysts for Biomass Conversion and Renewable Fuel Generation’
  • 13.55 – 14.20 Dr Hazel Smith: ‘Developing improved non-food biomass crops for water limited environments – the WATBIO project’
  • 14.20 – 14.45 Mike Allwright: ‘Elucidating the genetic basis of Saccharification in black poplar for more efficient lignocellulosic feedstock – the ENERGYPOPLAR project’
  • 14.45 – 15.10 Zoe Harris: ‘Land use change to bioenergy – the ELUM and BMVC projects’
  •  15.10 – 15.30 Tea and biscuits
  • 15.30 - 15.55 Professor Charles Banks: ‘An overview of the research of the Bioenergy and Organic Resources Group (BORG)'
  • 15.55 - 16.20 Dr Sonia Heaven: ‘Evaluation of large scale open raceways for algal production'.
  • 16.20 - 16.45 Professor Matthew Terry: ‘Chloroplast-nucleus communication and stress responses'.
  • 16.45 - 17.05 Dr Tom Bibby: ‘Optimisation of antenna size to maximise biofuel production in microalgae through single-cell sorting and transcriptomics'.
  • 17.05 - 17.30 Dr Rob Holland:‘Global impact of bioenergy production on ecosystem services –UKERC Bioenergy project
  •  17.30 - Wine and canapes

Eventbrite - Bioenergy Awayday

Bio-based industries are sectors active in the bio-based value chain
Towards a post-petroleum society
crops for biofuel
Director, SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub, The Tyndall Centre, Manchester University
Dr Patricia Thornley

Speaker information

Dr Patricia Thornley,Director, SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub,The Tyndall Centre,University of Manchester

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