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The University of Southampton
Energy at Southampton


As one of Southampton's USRGs (University Strategic Research Groups) we believe that innovative technology has a critical role to play in finding solutions.

Our research draws on interdisciplinary strengths across the University.

Bioenergy Research

We play a key role in a major partnership to evaluate the use of biomass to create a sustainable UK energy system for 2050.

Energy and Society

Who emits most CO2 emissions across UK households? Can people change their practices and lead low carbon lives?

Energy Storage

Our research demonstrates rapid advances in new chemistry for small batteries with improved performances.

Energy Technology

Cutting-edge fundamental and applied research underpinning sustainable energy technologies.

Marine Energy

50% of Europe's tidal energy resource is from the UK. Wave and tidal energy could contribute up to 20% of the UK's electricity demand.

Sustainable Energy

An interdisciplinary team of researchers bringing together the different fields involved in renewables and energy efficiency.


State of the art research into dielectric materials and insulation systems, as well as high voltage and related phenomena.

Transportation Research

Research in TRG is wide-ranging and aimed at helping to secure sustainable transport systems for the UK and the world.

The Built Environment

More than 40% of the UK's primary energy demand is related to buildings for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and powering electrical appliances.

Wave and tidal energy device development

New battery could lead to cheaper, more efficient solar energy

Data was collected by connecting a lithium iron phosphate battery to a photovoltaic system attached to one of the University’s buildings

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