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The University of Southampton

Postgraduate degree in UAV design brings opportunities for flight training

Published: 31 July 2014

Graduate engineers taking the University of Southampton’s MSc programme on the design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) also have the opportunity to study for a pilot’s licence from autumn 2014.

The one year postgraduate degree in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Design will help students develop the essential skills and knowledge for a career in this fast-growing area of engineering, where there is increasing demand for talented and experienced system designers. Southampton’s specialist MSc programme is unique as it equips students with the principles, concepts and tools they will need to take on key roles in the industry.

“Operators of remotely piloted aircraft need to know how to control it in the air, it will help if they have experience as an aviator,” explains Dr Stephen Prior who leads the programme. “All students will learn about the elements of flight but there will be opportunities for those who are interested to go on to gain a flying qualification.”

The University of Southampton is already a pioneer in the UAV industry. It has been awarded more than a million pounds in grants to research concepts; one project is exploring the use of remotely controlled aircraft to aid maritime search and rescue operations. The MSc degree combines modules covering the theory of unmanned flight and related engineering disciplines with a group project to design, build and fly their own aircraft.

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